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How to entertain kids while you are working from home

Inside: Ideas to keep the kids occupied while you are working from home.

Work-life balance is never easy, even in normal circumstances, but right now it is being made near-on impossible with schools being closed and many people having to work from home.

Even if you are used to working from home, the sudden introduction of homeschooling and entertaining kids at the same time as doing your 9-5 is a total nightmare.

While some companies might allow you to adjust your hours around the kids, many will expect you to be available during office hours and that begs the question…

How do you entertain kids while you are working from home?

While tablets and tv are great options (and nobody is judging you if that is what you are turning to – hell, I think people would be lying if they said they weren’t) there are days when the kids just need and want something else to do.

I asked the blogging community to share any activities that they had turned to over the last few weeks, activities that had worked well for them while they got on and worked.

Here is what they shared…

1. ‘Quiet time basket’ from Glitter on a Dime. Such a great idea to create a go-to box that they use while you are busy.

2. Audiobook tips from Explore More, Clean Less. We are big fans of audiobooks and these get-started tips are great!

3. Toot’s Mom is Tired also shares some great videos of celebrities reading books – perfect when you can’t do the job!

4. The Craft Train has put together some creative prompts to help spark their imaginations. Just pull out a card and off they go!

5. Maggie over at Red Ted Art is just so lovely and she has put together a playlist of videos on YouTube that teach kids how to create various crafts. All you need to do is provide the craft materials and let her take over!

6. I love this idea from Play. Party. Plan. Having the kids do a scavenger hunt will keep them busy for ages and her idea of incorporating writing is genius!

7. Edventures with Kids has another take on the scavenger hunt – this time with a maths spin! Love it!!

8. Journals to Freedom has some great ideas for entertaining little ones. This ice block challenge is genius and will keep them busy for ages!!

9. One from me – make a den out of sheets and blankets, throw in some pillows and let their imaginations run wild. They could read, turn it into a house, have a nap, play games, do crafts, anything that they might otherwise find boring but is made all the better by being inside a den!

10. Sticker books and stickers, in general, keep kids occupied for hours! Here is a great list of sticker books from Imagination Soup.

11. Another from me… I have a whole list of different activities online that they can join in with, in this post here. Mine join in with Joe Wicks PE every day and that frees up half an hour for me to check my emails and sort myself for the day.

12. If you have older ones then why not get them to make up their own story in comic strip form? Rediscovered Families shows you, step by step, how to put it together and even includes videos on how to draw cartoon faces. Love it!

13. Another one from Rediscovered Families – secret code writing! I am going to try this with my daughter as she will love it!

I have tried to find activities that require little to no adult support – hopefully they will help entertain your kids and free up time for you to get on with work or jobs around the house.

A big thank you to everyone who helped by sharing their ideas.

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