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I am so glad you’ve stopped by!

As you will have guessed from the blog name, my name is Katy.

What can I tell you about myself?

Well I am 34, a mum to 3 and I am married to a very lovely man (who I’ll refer to as Mr F until I can convince him to let me use his name!!). You can read our love story here if you have a minute or two.

I am a full-time blogger now but once upon a time I used to be a teacher. I couldn’t juggle being a parent and a teacher so found myself at home full-time with a baby.

Me and my Gracie in 2013

Fast forward a couple of years and I had a toddler and a newborn and felt very much alone.

Being a mum is so hard, isn’t it?

My girls 2014

So that is when I decided to set up my blog. I figured I might as well reach out to other mums and let them know that they weren’t the only ones to be feeling lonely.

Fast forward to today (adding in another baby) and I’ve been blogging for a good few years now and I love it. I document our life as a family of five and share my journey through motherhood.

Me and my babies in 2017

Seven years ago I became a mother and I lost my identity. I was a mother, but what else? I had no idea! I didn’t know how to dress, how to socialise, how to be a good partner and was basically a wreck.

So now I am on a journey. A journey to find me again and reclaim my identity.

I am more than a mother.

I am more than a wife.

I am me and I am determined to find out who that person is!

You’ll find me here on my blog but I also have a YouTube channel, where I share videos from shopping hauls, motivational chatter and day in the life vlogs. I can also be found on Instagram, sharing snippets from my days as well as sharing a whole lot more on Instagram Stories. But if Facebook is more your thing then I am also over there and love sharing all of the amazing posts I find from across the internet – so many amazing stories out there!

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Our family is made up of Mr F, my best friend and unofficial photographer! Gracie, age 6 going on 36, my little bookworm and know-it-all. Lils, age 4, with the cheekiest smile and the one who looks after us all. Wills, age 22 months, who is a proper cheeky monkey and makes us laugh every single day. And lastly, me, the organiser and doer of all the things!

I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know me and my little family and I look forward to getting to know you too!

If you don’t know where to start, here are a few of my favourite posts… 


Do you earn money from your blog?

Yes I do. I work with several brands on campaigns throughout the year. This can be through sponsored content or through product reviews. I will never write about something I do not believe in or something that does not fit with my family.

I also have adverts and affiliate links placed on the blog. This means if you click through certain links I will get a small percentage when you buy something from that website. Click here for my disclosure policy, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

I would like to start a blog, do you have any advice?

I love to help others get started! Everyone should start a blog, it is amazing! I have a few posts from my Blog Clinic series to help you get started.

How do I get in touch?

I would love to hear from you! My email is katy@whatkatysaid.com. For any PR companies, please head over to my Work With Me page.  For any burning questions why not send me a tweet?

Find Katy on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram for more!

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  1. Dear Katy,

    I am a children’s book illustrator and I have recently launched a website and online shop selling original prints as gifts for children. As you have lots of contact with parents, I would appreciate any comments on my products and if available, the possibility to advertise/have a link on your site.

    Kind regards
    James Croft

    1. Post
  2. Hi I have been following you for a while on YouTube and have only just found your blog page and i think its really good. I have a very spirited 2year old and your post are really helpful and I look forward to seeing your next post. I Would be very greatful if i could keep a connection with you and as my new blog grows i would really like to share some of your content X x
    Lesley @limpingmum

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