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The 7 greatest Christmas movies on Netflix right now

Inside: The 7 best Christmas movies showing on Netflix right now

It’s that time of year again when you start to get in the mood for a Christmas movie. There are a couple more weeks until they will be showing on TV but of course, Netflix has you covered.

Here are my top picks for this year!

The Christmas Chronicles

If you haven’t watched The Christmas Chronicles yet then you need to watch it right now – it is brilliant! With Kurt Russell as Santa, two kids decide to try and catch him in the act. A bit of fun turns into an exciting adventure as they join Santa on a night they will never forget.

It is a modern classic for sure and one that we will be watching every year from now on.

Arthur Christmas

This is a firm favourite in our house and one that both adults and kids can enjoy. In fact, it was the first movie that captured the attention of my toddler.

Join Arthur as he tries to save Christmas from total meltdown!


When this first came out I thought that it was a religious movie about the actual Nativity. But no, it is about a school production of the Nativity. And it is brilliant.

There are actually 3 in the series and I can definitely recommend the first one. The others are ok but not as good as the original, in my opinion.

Get Santa

We have this one on DVD as it is rarely shown on TV – that’s how much we love it. It is a British made movie and has some amazing stars taking the roles. Very pleased to see it on Netflix this year!

Join a father and his son as they try to bust Santa out of jail!


We discovered this movie recently and it is just so lovely. At first you don’t necessarily see the Christmas connection but bear with it as the magic soon arrives.

A postman is sent to a town in turmoil to try and gain the respect of his father. Although he hates the town at first, he soon discovers how lucky he is to have found it.

A Bad Moms Christmas

If you’re looking for a laugh then Bad Moms is the one for you! Not a family movie but one to snuggle up on the sofa with some popcorn instead!

The original movie focuses on the Bad Moms themselves but the Christmas installment sees them hosting their own moms during the festive season.

The Holiday Calendar

This is my secret favourite – a real cheesy feel-good movie to watch with someone you love.

Abby is gifted a magical Advent Calendar, which will lead her to her true love by the last door. I wish my Advent calendar was magical!

Have you seen any of these movies? Do any catch your eye?

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