tonies® Toniebox Starter Set | Review - What Katy Said

tonies® Toniebox Starter Set | Review

Inside: A review of the tonies® Toniebox Starter Set – sponsored + gifted items

One of the biggest worries of mine is how well I manage the amount of screentime my children have. I don’t mind them watching a little TV or playing a few games, but on the whole, I want them to have plenty of screen-free playtime each day.

A few of their favourite things to do include reading stories, playing with their small world play and having a dance. They had a cd player but they were so rough with it that it just shows an error now. Such a pain!

This is why I am loving our new tonies® Toniebox – it combines all of their favourite things!

We were sent a Toniebox Starter Set and a couple of extra Tonies to take a look at and if I’m being honest I wasn’t quite sure how it would work or how much we would use it. But after a super quick set up (you just have to create an account and connect it to your wifi) we were ready to discover the fun of tonies®.

What is a Toniebox?

A Toniebox is a screen-free way to listen to stories and music using the various Tonie figures you can buy. The Starter Kit comes with a Creative Tonie to get you started and there is lots you can do. Available in lots of different colours, there is something for everyone!

The box itself is a speaker system that can be used wirelessly or connected to mains power while charging. Simply place the Tonie on the top and whatever is loaded onto that Tonie will download to the box and begin to play. Also, once downloaded via your wifi, you will be able to listen to the content away from your wifi too – perfect for journeys!

The only buttons you have to think about are the little ears – they control the volume and are easy for little hands to use. You can also skip through tracks by tapping on the left and right side of the soft box or tilt the box 45º to fast forward or backward through tracks – all easy to do for little ones.

Using the Creative Tonie

The Tonie that comes with the Starter Set comes with a pre-loaded story but you can also go into your tonies® account and download more content (up to 90 minutes). We uploaded music onto our green Tonie (who we have named Bob) for Lily’s birthday party and the sound was great!

I am also going to get my mum to record a few stories so that William can listen to her whenever he likes. A great way to hear loved ones who might live far away.

Once the Tonie content is saved, simply place it on the top of the Toniebox and it will stay in place by a magnet to trigger the start of the content.

Extra Tonie figures

tonies® have a huge selection of Tonie figures available, as you can see we also have a Christmas Tonie and a Cars Tonie. The little Penguin plays Christmas songs, which we’ve been playing constantly! The Cars Tonie has a few songs from the movie as well as the story of Lightning McQueen.

With Christmas coming up we have asked for a couple more from aunts and uncles. We are going to get the Fox Tonie with counting songs and the Rapunzel Tonie with fairy tales. There are so many to choose from, including Stick Man, The Lion King, and The Snowman. These can’t be personlised but you can also buy extra Creative Tonie figures if you would like to have more of your own content.

tonies® for little hands

I love that you can upload personalised content on the Creative Tonie but I mostly love that kids can use the Toniebox independently. There is no fiddling around with buttons or flimsy CDs, they just have to place a figure on top of the box and listen – simple!

If you are looking for a unique gift for your little one then tonies® offer a fun and simple way for them to have screen-free time this Christmas.

A tonies® Starter Set with one Creative-Tonie has an RRP of £69.95. You can get them from the tonies WebsiteAmazon, or from John Lewis stores.

Flash giveaway!

As part of the tonies® 12 Days of Christmas, I am running a giveaway to win a Toniebox and Tonie over on my Instagram channel for next 24 hours. There will be 8 more days to join in so keep an eye on the #12daysoftonies hashtag on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to find the other giveaways.

This is a sponsored post. We were also gifted the Toniebox and Tonie figures, all thoughts and words are my own.

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    December 17, 2019 at 11:58 pm

    We have a Tonie-Box and my 5 year old LOVES it! All the family have recorded her favourite stories on our red creative Tonie for her to listen to and we have some of the Julia Donaldson ones too. I love that she does it all independently and it’s great for bed times when one story is never enough! Our seven year old is a little envious of her and it too to be honest!

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