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STEM gift ideas from Brainstorm Toys

Inside: A look at various STEM toys from Brainstorm Toys – gifted items.

I am a scientist and a mathematician through and through and my youngest daughter has inherited her love of all things STEM from me – although she tends to lean more towards the engineering side of things.

If you don’t know, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Although some call it STEAM with the Arts added in to the mix. Either way, I love that more and more people are celebrating these subjects, with a real drive to get kids interested in them at a young age.

As I write this I am in the midst of preparing for a STEM party for my daughter – I loved that she requested it and wants to share her passion with all of her friends. It is still a little-understood area for kids though and so anything I can do to spread the word is my absolute pleasure.

STEM Gift Ideas

Buying toys for kids often results in the more traditional toy, with cars, trains, dolls, and crafts being the top choice for parents or grandparents. But have you ever thought of gifting a STEM-oriented toy?

By gifting a STEM toy you give them the opportunity to explore STEM-related concepts, which could result in a passion for it and eventually lead to a career in a STEM field.

Brainstorm Toys have the most wonderful collection of products to suit all curiosities and so I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you today.

Earth & Constellations Globe

I have never seen such a cool globe as this Earth and Constellations Globe. By day it shows the earth and all of the continents and by night it lights up to show the beautiful constellations in the sky.

It works via a sensor, adjusting to the night sky when the light drops and returning to daylight mode once the light returns. Such a fantastic learning resource and a wonderful item to have on display.

T-Rex Buzz Wire

All three of mine love dinosaurs and so anything themed as such will always go down a treat.

This 2 in 1 T-Rex Buzz Wire comes with two interchangeable wire shapes so that you can move up a level when you have mastered the first. Don’t touch the wire or the T-rex will roar!

Dino Stikbot

Sticking with the dinosaur theme, this Stikbot is the perfect stocking filler or pocket money buy. The StikCarnotaurus comes with suction pads on hands and feet and is easy to position into action poses.

Addict A Ball

Have you ever tried one of these? The Addict A Ball is both infuriating and addictive and will keep you busy for hours and hours as you try to complete it. I am yet to complete one so I will be trying again this year!

The 3D maze has 138 numbered stages of spirals, drops, swinging arms, flips and slides and is fun for the whole family – not just for kids!

I have never seen these before but now I want to get them all. The Dodoland puzzles are made from eco-friendly recycled cardboard and coloured with rice-based ink. You follow the instructions to put together the puzzle (using non-toxic glue) to create a gorgeous animal.

There are so many possibilities with STEM, all of which will encourage kids to think outside the box and find a passion for subjects they might not have explored before. I love that Brainstorm Toys are pulling all of these toys together for us all to get inspiration from. You can see more from them over on the Brainstorm Toys Amazon Shop.

We were gifted these toys but all words and thoughts are my own.

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