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No nonsense uniform labels from Petit-Fernand

If you have a pile of uniform that needs labelling for the new term then these no nonsense personalised uniform labels are what you need! 

I do not sew. Ever.

Ok that is a slight fib as I am forced into sewing on Rainbow badges every now and then and if I bend over and rip my jeans I will probably make the effort to drag out the sewing box. But on the whole, I do not sew.

I can remember my mum spending hours upon hours sewing tiny name labels into my school uniform. It was just what was done back then wasn’t it? I honestly don’t know how she made the time or found the inclination as I am lacking in both. In the past I have used a sharpie pen but even that has faded over time and it did feel a bit too lazy.

Personalised uniform labels

I heard about stick-on labels last year and vowed that this year I’d get the girls’ uniform sorted. They did sound too good to be true but after looking into them a little more I am convinced they are the way forward.

We got ours from Petit-Fernand and what I really liked about them was the fact that the girls could help personalise them with colour and a little picture too. Being obsessed with rainbows they both decided they wanted that as their background and then Gracie chose a cat and Lils chose a penguin as her little symbol. It will just make it that bit easier for them to find their belongings.

So how do they work?

The stick-on labels can be applied directly to washing care labels or to the brand label – it takes 2 seconds. They are washing machine safe up t0 60 degrees and can also withstand the tumble drier – win!

If your clothes don’t have a label then the booklet comes with some iron-on labels too. These can be ironed on to the normal fabric in just 12 seconds on a high cotton setting.

My favourite set are the shoe labels – no more trying to write in a fiddly space! Simply stick in the label and place the plastic film over the top as a protective layer. Job done!

No more sitting more hours sewing, no more writing the same name over and over in pen. Just stick stick stick and you’re done! Easy!

Have you got kids starting a new term this September?

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