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What are period pants?

Inside: An introduction to period pants – what they are, how they work and everything else you need to know.

I have written about my experience of period pants before and did so with an assumption that everyone would know what they were. But after I had a few messages from people asking what in the hell I was talking about, I thought I would write an explanatory post to answer all of the common questions.

What are period pants?

Ok, first things first, what are they? Well quite simply, they are a pair of knickers with an inbuilt panty liner. You wear them during your period in place of a sanitary towel and go about your day.

Why would I make the switch?

There are two reasons I personally made the leap. One, disposables make me itch something rotten! I don’t know if I am allergic to them or what it is but they have always caused burns for me. Not nice. Secondly, it is my way of doing my bit for the environment. Less plastic going into landfill throughout my period years can only be a good thing. I also discovered a third reason – it saves money. Have you ever stopped to think about how many disposables you use? Every month for years and years. It all adds up in the end.

How do period pants work?

I have been using cloth sanitary pads for a while now so to me they are no different to those. But basically, they have an absorptive layer that wicks away moisture and keeps you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Do they work?

I only ever recommend products that work and so hand on heart these do not leak, feel damp or heavy when on. I will admit I was worried the first time I wore them but I have been a covert for my last few cycles now and I don’t think I could ever go back to wearing anything else.

These are from WUKA and I love them.

I have a heavy flow, will they work for me?

I would say my flow is middle of the road and a pair lasts me the whole day. If you have a heavy flow then you may wish to change midway through the day but it is best to give them a try to see what works best for you. It could be that you just wear them the days either side of your heaviest day.

Do they smell?

I absolutely promise they don’t. The layers have anti-bacterial properties which keep you feeling and smelling fresh all day.

How do I wash Period Pants?

I am a cloth nappy user so the idea of washing things like this don’t phase me. But seriously, it is just blood. Give them a quick rinse and pop them in the machine along with everything else. That is what washing machines are for!

How do I know which ones I need?

As with pads or tampons, you will need a selection to suit your flow throughout your period.

Going by the WUKA website, their heavy flow pants will last 4-6 hours (or all night) on your heavy days or 8 hours on light days – which means you could just invest in those and use for the whole cycle. They also have pants for lighter flows so you might want those for the beginning and end of your cycle.

For comparison, a heavy flow pair can hold 4 tampons worth, a mid is the equivalent of 2-3 tampons and light is just 1 tampons worth of absorption.

I hope that helps! If you have any other questions feel free to comment below or message me over on Instagram if you’d prefer.

I was gifted some pants from WUKA but they did not ask me to write this post.

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