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How to throw an awesome Harry Potter Party

Inside: How to throw an awesome Harry Potter party they won’t forget.

Harry Potter is one of those stories that will forever be a phenomenon I think. I loved the books when they first came out and now, 22 years after the first book was published, my children are enjoying the stories too.

I’d go as far as saying that they are enjoying them more than I did because they still have the innocence of childhood to help make everything that little bit more magical.

And that is why, this year, we decided that it would be fun to throw a Harry Potter Party for Grace’s 8th birthday. Turning our living room into a Hogwarts classroom for the afternoon to bring the magic alive for her and her friends.

I first got the idea from Laura over at Little Ladies, Big World after she’d thrown a HP party for her daughter. I would never have attempted it if she hadn’t given me the initial idea so definitely go check her post out for more inspiration.

Was it easy? Not particularly. Was it worth it? Totally.

How to throw an awesome Harry Potter party

I had so many people show an interest in the party that I wanted to share exactly what we did so that you can see what worked and what didn’t and go on to throw your own party for your Harry Potter fan.


The first thing I wanted to do was re-create the scene where the envelopes fly out from the fireplace. We don’t have a fireplace but in any case, I wanted it to greet guests as they arrived. I used fishing wire to create the floating effect – with some going from the radiator to the bannister and some hanging from the ceiling.

I also wrote out each envelope addressed in the same style as Harry’s, but amending it to ours – keeping ‘The Cupboard under the Stairs’ part though. And of course written in green ink, as used by Hogwarts.

I made this sign using PicMonkey. I can’t share it because I used a copyrighted image but it is simple to do – just google 9 3/4 station sign, save the image you like into PicMonkey or Canva and then print it out. Some images have annoying backgrounds on them – I use this website to remove the background.

Next was the brick wall through to the platform. I used a dish sponge and brown paint to make the bricks and I get our long rolls of paper from Ikea.

This lettering is fab! Again I used PicMonkey and downloaded this Harry P font from dafont – fitting 2 letters on each A4 sized sheet.

I got this Spiders web from B+M and we already had the toy spider. It just added a little extra something to the room. Making it less living room and more Hogwarts classroom.

We have a couple of Ikea tables and so along with our coffee table, they became the classroom tables. We put pumpkins (aff link) and leaves (aff link) on them as centrepieces – both from Amazon.

Also on each table were notebooks covered in brown paper. The books were from Poundland and made up the first activity.


Pinterest has a lot to answer for! But doesn’t everything look great? The Slytherin Swirls were tuna and cheese wraps.

I loved these. You need yourself a glue gun – got mine from Hobbycraft for less than a tenner I think and well worth it if you plan to do things like this. Simply glue wings onto cocktail sticks and stick in each side of the satsuma.

These were the drinks served as the kids arrived. Some had lemonade and some preferred water but all had a blob of food colouring in the bottom of their glass, covered with ice so as not to be seen. We used blue, green, yellow and red for each of the Hogwarts houses. They then found out which house they were in as the food colouring dissolved and changed their drink from clear to coloured.

This was another fun one, simply dip the rim in sugar and add lemonade to give the kids “Liquid Luck’.


When the children arrived they were given a wand. These were made using this tutorial, again with a glue gun. Most fun I’ve had in ages and they went down a treat!

The first activity was to decorate the blank spellbooks. I didn’t want them to be stuck for ideas so I made some blank templates. Download them here.

I bought silver and gold gel pens and glitter glue from The Range for them to use.

Once they had decorated their books, I gave them these fab spell sheets.

They then wrote down any spells they liked the look of before dancing around the living room practising each one.

We were very lucky to be sent a few extra props for the big day, including this fantastic Wingardium Leviosa wand from Prezzybox. It can be used as a standalone wand or have a fine thread with a feather attached to the end to do the spell.

“It’s LeviOsa not LeviosA”

After the charms class, we moved onto potion-making. For this, I made tea-stained labels for Pumpkin Juice (apple and mango), Dragon’s Blood (cranberry and raspberry) and Poison Apple Juice (apple of course!).

I found these fab science measuring cylinders here (aff link) – they made the class more realistic.

Next up was a try of the Invisibility Cloak. What an amazing piece of kit! I have done a full review here but in short, you use the Wow Stuff app to turn them invisible! The kids couldn’t believe their eyes!

What would a Harry Potter party be without a game of Quiddich? This is a seriously cool toy and one to add to the Christmas list for any HP fans! You wave your hand underneath the snitch to control it rather than using a remote – SO clever!! Find the Golden Snitch Heliball at Prezzybox.

It is tricky to get the hang of in the beginning but once you have gained control you can move it up and down and side to side like magic!

This wand is seriously cool. It senses movement to know whether you are performing the correct shapes for spells. If you get the shape right, you get a congratulatory sound but if you get it wrong it makes a fizzing sound to indicate that you need to try again. We have Hermione’s Training Wand but there are other characters to choose from too.

If you have more than two wands you can do duals! I might have to get one for Lily for Christmas so they can have a spell-off!


I was a little worried that we may not have enough activities so I printed out a couple of extra bits just in case. In the end, we didn’t need them so we popped them in the party bags instead.

Astronomy dot to dot.

Word searches


I forgot to take photos of the prizes but Primark have some great Harry Potter bits and I managed to find a gold pen and a little bag taggie that were cute. We gave prizes for the best spellbook and the best student of the day.

Party bags

I do love putting party bags together and these were fun! I got black paper bags from Amazon (aff link) and filled them with the following.

Harry Potter Glasses from Amazon (aff link)

Jelly beans from Amazon (aff link) – (x30 in paper bags leftover from Lily’s party last year)

Pencil wands

Notebooks from Primark

A chocolate eyeball (from a multi-pack from Tesco I think).

A slice of cake.

The cake

What a Pinterest FAIL this was! I mean you may think it looks ok but my word what a trauma it was trying to get it made. Turns out my oven thermostat is broken so it wasn’t heating up to the correct temperature!! Eek!

Anyway, the idea was to have 4 layers, dyed green, blue, yellow and red for the different houses. Then covered in American Frosting, which by the way is the BEST frosting ever. I think I will do a separate post for that!

The design itself was simple, 2 wires sticking out from the cake with a golden snitch dangling down. I used a Christmas bauble, some card and a glue gun to make them.

It may not have turned out exactly how I planned (the inside was a shambles!) but she loved it!


If you have a Google Home then ask it to play “The Harry Potter Movie Soundtrack” – it really sets the scene.

I hope that gives you some ideas! It was a party we will never forget and all of the guests went home and raved about it. Job done!

Some of the products mentioned in this post were gifted. Some are linked with affiliate links which mean if you click through and buy then I get a fee from Amazon for recommending you.


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    October 10, 2019 at 6:23 am

    This party looked amazing. I want one for me. Never mind the kids.
    You’ve done a fabulous job. Well done Katy

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      October 11, 2019 at 8:52 pm

      Thank you! I’d love to do an adult version with proper cocktails – it would be so much fun!

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