Dinos After Dark at Paradise Wildlife Park - What Katy Said

Dinos After Dark at Paradise Wildlife Park

Inside: Our experience at Paradise Wildlife Park for Dinos After Dark.

I think most kids love dinosaurs, don’t they? All three of mine are a little bit obsessed and love anything to do with dinosaurs. So when we were invited to Paradise Wildlife Park for a trial of their Dinos After Dark evening, I knew mine would just go crazy for it!

We’ve been so many times in the past, meeting up with friends for day trips in the summer as well as press events to see new exhibitions. It is a place I recommend to all of my friends as it is just the right size for little ones, whilst still having all of the bigger animals that people love to see.

The event wasn’t to start until the sun had set but we decided to rock up a little earlier so that we could have a mooch around the park beforehand. We made a beeline to their new lion enclosure – such a lovely space and a much better way to see the lions. Definitely my favourite animals – they are just beautiful.

The thing I love about Paradise Wildlife Park is that they are a charity and have done such incredible work over the years. They have raised more than £5 million for conservations projects and wildlife causes in the UK and around the world. It isn’t about showing off animals to the public, it is about doing pioneering work in the field to help protect and preserve the animals of the world.

Last year they launched their dinosaur attraction and it is just brilliant! It has 30 life-size, animated dinosaurs which make you feel like you are walking through Jurassic Park.

It is impressive in the day, but this event was about experiencing the magic after dark.

We were greeted by the dino rangers and were treated to a guided walk around the dinosaur park. With the sun beginning to set and the dinosaur sounds echoing around us, it really felt magical and realistic.

One of the rangers is a dinosaur expert and was there to answer any questions and to tell us all that there is to know about the different creatures from long ago.

The children were completely captivated throughout and definitely learned a few more facts about their favourite dinosaurs.

Here are some photos from our evening…

The event was a trial-run to see whether it would work in the future so it isn’t available yet. But I would definitely recommend it as it is a lovely experience so keep an eye out for future events over at www.pwpark.com.

We were invited to the event as guests but all thoughts and words are my own.

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