Eurocamping In France

Our Holiday In France 2015

We have just come back from the most amazing holiday, our first holiday abroad as a family. We were very honoured to be asked to be Eurocamp bloggers this summer and were given the choice as to which resort we would like to visit. I chose a little resort just north of Paris as I didn’t fancy too much travelling and it was of course near to Disney! I will be writing about the resort separately, so keep an eye out for that.

our holiday in france

The days leading up to the holiday were a bit stressful, you may have seen in the news about the disruption to Dover- Calais crossings. Thankfully, the team at Eurocamp were absolutely amazing and switched us from the ferry to the Eurotunnel last minute, a huge relief I can tell you!

The Eurotunnel is only a half an hour journey so before we knew it we were in France! It was another 2 and a half hours to the resort but when you are driving through beautiful countryside it doesn’t seem too much of a chore. Mr F did the driving and although he was a little nervous being on the right-hand side it wasn’t bad at all and he soon adjusted (we won’t mention the one time on the wrong side of the road…..)


We arrived at our resort nice and early and had time to explore before our safari tent was ready. First impressions were great, beautiful lakes with swans and baby ducklings were a hit with the girls! If you want to see the holiday through their eyes then check out this post from Little G.


I grew up on Eurocamp holidays so knew what to expect but back in the 90s they didn’t have safari tents so even I was a little excited to see what they were like. They didn’t disappoint, as we pulled up Little G said wow and I must admit I loved the look of it too!


The day we arrived it was 39 degrees, it was a shock to all of our systems and Little L could not cope at all bless her! Luckily our tent was opposite the beach area, the perfect spot as it meant we could stroll across in two seconds and be in the water. We spent most of our days there to be honest as it was so nice to be in the cool with such high temperatures.

DSC_0139 DSC_0135

DSC_0132We had been sent these fab swimming outfits from Splash About for the girls and I was so grateful for them as I knew that they were fully protected. I had worried that they would be hot with the long sleeves but actually with the cold water and the fact they are light material anyway they were ideal! They had factor 50 on too of course!

The second day into the holiday was the day we went to Disney, I am going to write about that separately as I have so many photos but it was an awesome day! If you have read my HappyDays post you will know I was a little let down by it. I don’t want to give the wrong impression, it was really fab but the lack of characters just meant we left feeling a little short changed.

DSC_0250We did get to meet Minnie though!

Once we had settled in and adjusted to the heat we were able to explore a bit more. We ventured up to the kids club, partly because I knew I would have to comment on it but also Little G was genuinely wanting to go. She can’t be my child as it would have been my worst nightmare as a child!! She loved it though and wanted to go every day after that.

I’ll see her again soon won’t I mummy?

One of the loveliest things about the holiday was seeing Little G making friends. She is such an outgoing child and isn’t afraid to start a conversation with others. She made friends with another little girl from Scotland and they were pretty much inseparable for the rest of the holiday. Shame they live so far away but that is life!


Another family we chatted to told us about a lovely castle nearby. Stupidly I hadn’t thought to look up local attractions so I was glad they mentioned it. We drove about 20 minutes from the campsite and sure enough a huge chateau loomed ahead. It is actually where Merlin is filmed so if any of you are fans then you should definitely visit!


Not much impresses me I can tell you but I was in awe of the size and beauty of the place. To think it was built so long ago, without cranes and scaffolding- just incredible!

I think the nicest evening we had was that of Mr F’s birthday- how lucky is he being on holiday for his birthday by the way?? My birthday is March and it is always cold!! Anyway… we had a lovely day in the pool and then got dressed up in the evening to go for dinner.


Little L refused to look at the camera as she was too hungry to smile haha! We had a lovely meal and then strolled home again as the sun was setting. Once back at our tent we all played football together.


Now ordinarily I am not one for sports but the night before we had been sitting on the decking and a family were playing football together over the road. There were 5 kids, and the mum was getting properly stuck in with them all as well as the dad. As I sat watching her with her boys I realised I never get involved with mine really, not with the sporting side of things. So this night I did, and I enjoyed it!


Before we knew it we had to pack our bags and make our way home. If you have read my post about the keeping the girls entertained in the heat you will know we took a whole host of craft goodies with us. They were all kept in their Trunkis, such fab little cases! The girls spent the whole holiday rummaging around and playing with them, pulling each other along with the straps.


I have so many happy memories from this holiday, I could probably ramble on for hours but instead I have put together this video so you can see how much fun we had for yourself.

What is the best holiday you have ever had?

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  • Reply
    Katie @mummydaddyme
    July 16, 2015 at 8:06 pm

    It looks amazing and such lovely photos and lovely video. The tent looks so good for a family. Glad you had such a nice time on your first holiday. x

    • Reply
      July 21, 2015 at 9:34 pm

      Was so nice for families, I would definitely go back xx

  • Reply
    Mini Travellers
    July 17, 2015 at 12:35 pm

    This is fab. shame you were a little let down by Disney characters but really pleased you had a fabulous holiday.

    • Reply
      July 21, 2015 at 9:30 pm

      Yeh it was a let down but still awesome x

  • Reply
    Alan herbert
    July 17, 2015 at 2:41 pm

    We have done Eurocamp holidays for the last two years and have this years booked for September.

    This will be the first time with no car though as we are heading to Spain.

    We found Disney the same with the characters, an hour queue for Mickey Mouse and the only other one we saw was Tigger.

    The campsites are excellent and plenty to do for kids of all ages.

    Sounds like the whole family had a ball.

    • Reply
      July 21, 2015 at 9:30 pm

      I will definitely go back, just perfect for little ones. I would love to go to Spain! x

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