My Weight Loss Journey - Week 12 - What Katy Said

My Weight Loss Journey – Week 12

I am on a mission to shift 3 stone and am using my blog (and you) as my motivation. Each week I will share losses (or gains) on the scales and will also be measuring myself to see whether I have lost any inches!
My Weightloss

The Results

Weight lost= 0
(Total loss -11lbs)

Inches lost (over 7 measurements) = -1
(Total loss – 28″)

How was my week?

So glad to report I haven’t been starving this week, back to my normal pattern of eating and feeling much happier. If you want to read about my #SlimFastChallenge then it is here, but in summary- it didn’t work. I am annoyed as I hate failing at anything but it just wasn’t for me.

I have noticed a real difference in my legs this week, my trousers have been looser on the thighs which has been a real confidence booster! I still have a long way to go but when you can see the results it is a great feeling isn’t it?

As you can see I didn’t lose any weight but actually I suspect that last week, when I didn’t stand on the scales, I had gained. I am going to tell myself that anyway which means I have lost it again to be back where I started for this week. 😉

I have found my outfit for Britmums now, hurrah!! I was beginning to get panicked there for a moment, and I am really happy with the way it fits. I have so much more confidence when I feel thinner and it makes me want to wear pretty clothes! For me, it isn’t really about the number on the scales but the way I feel and I am definitely feeling better.

Hope you have had a good week too!

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