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How to stay motivated to do housework during lockdown

Inside: How to stay motivated with the housework during lockdown.

I don’t know about you but I have been feeling like the housework is even more of a chore than usual. Ordinarily, I have my housework routines and intersperse those throughout the day in between other more interesting tasks. Now though, I have a choice between housework and helping the kids with their schoolwork.

Speaking with other ladies in the community it seems that I am certainly not alone in this and so I thought that we could do a housework challenge to kickstart us into feeling motivated again.

You can grab your free challenge sheet at the end of this post, but first I want to share some tips for staying on top of it all during this time.

5 ways to stay on top of housework during lockdown

1. Have just one task for the day. Here is where the challenge will come in, it will give you one task to do and help you feel like you are making progress.

There is a lot to be thinking about right now, so don’t put pressure on yourself to get everything done. Progress, not perfection is what we are aiming for here.

2. Get everyone involved. Unless you are living on your own, tidying is a shared responsibility. Set the kids chores (find my handy age-appropriate list here) and have a 10-minute tidy up halfway through the day and just before bedtime.

3. Do something else. Now you may not realise it but this is key. If all you do is housework then it soon becomes even more of a chore than usual! So, make sure you intersperse the day with things just for you.

4. Create a new routine. I used to have my routine perfected. That was before lockdown and school-closures. There is no way you can keep up old routines right now so work out what is possible and work with that.

For me, that looks like getting up before the kids to be able to put on a load of washing. It looks like getting the girls to do the vacuuming while I wipe down the kitchen. It looks like putting less pressure on myself to have a tidy home at this time.

5. Set timers. I have always sworn by timers and more than ever they are helping me to get stuff done. I’ve actually set my Alexa to remind us all to do chores at 3.30pm! I also set myself a 10-minute timer whenever I do a task, whether that be a quick tidy up or sorting out the washing.

Timers make sure you don’t get sidetracked but they also push you to work faster and therefore achieve more during that time. Hurrah!

Right, now to the challenge. If you are already on my mailing list you’ll already have a copy waiting for you in your inbox. Of not, click down below and you’ll get access to it.

If you’re not in my Decluttering Motherhood FB group then I’d love you to join. It is full of the most wonderfully supportive women you’ll hope to meet. Click here to request to join.

Stay safe!

Katy x

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