Coronavirus Diaries | Week 5 - What Katy Said

Coronavirus Diaries | Week 5

Inside: A roundup of our 5th week in lockdown 2020.

I didn’t write an entry for last week. In all honesty, I really struggled with the second half of the Easter holidays. In hindsight, I wouldn’t have stopped the routine and activities as they really did give us direction and purpose. But I felt like the kids needed a break (hell, I needed a break!) so I just let them do what they wanted.

Turns out, my kids don’t need me too much and so while they busied themselves I was left feeling a bit out of place. But although it was a bit of a rubbish week it actually taught me that my life revolves around my kids far too much.

I am so used to being their chauffeur and overall dogsbody that when they took themselves off and entertained themselves, there was nothing for me to do and I wasn’t sure what to do for myself. I mean I faffed around on TikTok (which is my new fave platform – I’m @whatkatysaiduk if you want to go check my account out) but I just felt a bit lost.

It’s shown me that I have a way to go to finding out what my interests are. Although I guess this whole thing is making my life skewed as ordinarily, I would see friends or whatever. I dunno.

The biggest news is that I have started running again. Well, I mean I say again but the last time I did it was for such a short time because I felt pregnant and felt sick so had to stop. This time I have no plans for babies so will be able to carry on! My aim is to be able to jog 5k without stopping. I am currently able to jog for a third and walk for two thirds. I will keep you updated!

This week has seen school lessons start back and so it has given our days more direction. However, with the Easter holidays and a bit more time to prepare, the schools have planned out lots of work and it left us feeling a bit stressed. Trying to balance year 3, year 1, a toddler and my own work and housework is challenging to say the least!

The weather was amazing, which helped list our moods and relax us after busy mornings. I got a paddling pool from Asda and the kids had fun splashing around – probably driving the neighbours nuts with their screaming.

I don’t know if I am finally relaxing but my sleep patterns have returned to normal. I am not having nightmares anymore so am waking up feeling much more refreshed compared to the last month of sleepless nights. I have been reading before bed so perhaps my dreams are guided by the books I read rather than the craziness that is life right now.

I have read; An Anonymous Girl, A Borrowed Life, Eve of Man & The Eve Illusion. I’d recommend all of them! If you belong to your local library then you can use Borrow Box to borrow e-books and audiobooks. Just download the app and you’re away!

Stay safe

Katy x

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