Coronavirus Diaries | Week 3 - What Katy Said

Coronavirus Diaries | Week 3

Inside: A roundup of our 3rd week in lockdown

I am actually writing this on Tuesday of week 4 because days seem to be blurring into one big day. But I will cast my mind back to last week to round up how it was for us.

For the first time in ages I didn’t cry. At all. All week. I don’t know if I am getting used to it all or whether I am numb. I suspect it is the latter as I seem to be drifting along now.

This week has been the start of the Easter holidays and I wasn’t sure how it would be any different to the weeks before, but somehow it has been. We stopped all school work and stopped any form of routine that we had built up. So no more PE with Joe (thank god as my arms couldn’t take anymore) and no more timed activities of any sort.

That is, except the girls’ dance lessons which seem to have carried on regardless. I mean they love it and I don’t need to do anything besides log them into Zoom at the right time so I don’t mind.

Let it be documented right here and now that this week was the week I discovered TikTok. It started as something to do because I was bored. It was just a joke, some dumb app.

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Then I got addicted.

I made a video, watched more videos, made more videos, laughed a lot. And that was the end of any boredom. I mean I have no real clue as to what I am doing on there but my god it is fun. It isn’t for everyone, you have to have an element of you that enjoys making an absolute tool out of yourself, but I am ok with that. It has brought out my inner weirdo.

I can’t remember if I have mentioned in previous weeks but we signed up to Disney+ while we are in lockdown. The kids have been loving watching old Disney movies and Grace has also discovered Star Wars. I have forced my husband to watch every single Marvel movie in chronological order and we are both loving it. Thor. Phwoar.

Easter weekend was lovely and sunny, wasn’t it? 24 degrees here and we were loving it. The kids cleaned the patio table and we had dinner outside – felt a bit like a pub dinner… besides I had to cook it myself. I did make a delicious Hunters Chicken though – yum!

Easter itself was an odd one, not sure why. I think maybe because ordinarily we’d be up at Grandma’s house having a BBQ and lounging in the sun. Instead, it was just the 5 of us with nothing to do other than eat chocolate. Not that I’m complaining – that is my favourite past time!

I said at the beginning of this entry that I wasn’t sure if I was adjusted or whether I was numb. I am definitely numb. Just going over the week in my mind I have realised that I am coasting along with no real goal.

I am going to go now and make a list of things to do to help me get back into a productive mood. If we are going to be home all this time I might as well make good use of the time, right?

Katy x

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