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How to make sure you have a great Mother’s Day

Inside: Advice on how to make sure this Mother’s Day isn’t a disappointment.

Ok, I know why you have clicked on this post. You had a crappy Mother’s Day last year (and maybe every year before that) and this year you want it to be different.

You need it to be different.

I hear you. I am you. I want the same thing. That is why I have written this post actually because I was researching the topic for my own benefit and realised you’d need to hear about it too.

First, let me tell you about Father’s Day around here. I am the best at Father’s Day. Hell, I should get a medal for the effort and thought I put into it all. Handmade cards with the kids’ handprints etc.. I get his favourite chocolates, get him a few nice treats and book a table for a meal out. The kids also make him breakfast in bed and shower him in love the entire day.

Now let me tell you about Mother’s Day last year.

I got a mug.

And actually that mug only came after I looked on in horror when the kids apologised that they hadn’t got me anything.

A mug.

Previous years haven’t been as bad as that. But on the whole, they are all much of a muchness and I always end up silently sobbing.

Why do we get so upset?

Ok, I know you know. But for any men out there who have found their way here let me spell it out for you.


I mean it isn’t even hard, is it? A nice bunch of flowers and a card from the kids and a day off from the usual day to day running of the house. That’s it.

Except it just doesn’t happen that way. Men forget to buy anything / make anything and they don’t appear at the foot of the bed with a cup of tea and toast. There is no day planned, nowhere to go, just a normal day and a kiss on the cheek.


How can we make sure we have a great Mother’s Day?

Unfortunately, as per the norm, it is down to us. Now I don’t mean we actually make ourselves a card – although that would just be hysterical. No, I mean we need to put it out into the world so that there is an understanding, a rulebook, for them to follow.

That way, we can finally get a day we deserve and they don’t have to worry about getting it wrong because we told them what we wanted!

Genius really.


What do you want to do on Mother’s Day?

This is where I pass it over to you. You need to have a real think about a (realistic) best Mother’s Day ever and then tell them.

“I’ve been thinking about what I want to do for Mother’s Day this year…. I’d really love it if we ….. and the kids have been telling me all about the cards they are wanting to make so best be sure to check the craft supplies…… gosh I can’t wait for a lie in and breakfast in bed – you know croissants are my fave!”

I would actually make sure the craft supplies are in the house as honestly, I hate to see my children disappointed, but he can take it from there!

Haha! I am literally smiling to myself as I can picture my husband’s horror. Except after the initial shock, he will go off and make a plan. He’s a fixer so he will make. it. happen.

And if you really aren’t brave enough to tell him outright then share this on your Facebook page so he can see it. Should do the trick!

Have a fab day!

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