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Great resources to support homeschooling

Inside: A list of resources, free or with free trials, to support homeschooling your child.

With so many of us being thrown into the deep end with having to homeschool our children, I thought it would be useful to compile as many resources as possible so that you are supported throughout this process.

Some are completely free at all times and some are resources with free trials available. Many companies are extending these free trials to help parents – great to see communities pulling together.

I will add to the list and amend it to keep it relevant. I hope it helps you during this uncertain time.

Free learning resources – a U.S. system of grades but lots of useful content. – for those at GCSE or A level. – computer programming skills. – computer programming – educational videos. – lots of activities and quizzes for younger kids. – Live webcams from San Diego Zoo (click on videos and cams). – Phonics activities free throughout the pandemic with username March20 Password home. – Audible are giving free audiobooks for kids throughout the pandemic. No account needed. – languages. – science lessons – educational videos -YouTube videos for lots of subjects. – same as above but for a younger audience. – challenge packs and other downloads. U.S grade system but the same content as UK primary. – lots of activities for little ones.…/ – nature activities. – resources for Primary age – Geography games – earn a Blue Peter badge! – educational games… – activities and quizzes – phonics games – YouTube videos for kids wanting to do yoga – games, videos and books for kids – lots of learning resources based around Shaun the Sheep – lots of educational games – crafts, projects and science activities etc… – science videos and cool facts – fantastic resource for kids to learn about history – lots of educational resources – learn about space with NASA – great channel for art lovers – lots of learning resources

Free trials with sign up – get a 2 week free trial. A subscription for the year isn’t too expensive. – offering a month free using code UKTWINKLHELPS. Lots and lots of printables to support all subjects. – 48-hour free trial. maths resources for primary aged kids – 14-day free trial. Spelling resource. – they are offering a 1-week free trial. online games to support reading, writing and spelling – Scholastic are offering a free home-school pack to support parents during this time. – 21-day free trial. English, maths and science games and activities.

I hope these are useful. Like I said I will add to them as and when I discover new resources. Do let me know if you hear of any and I will add them on to help others through this difficult time.

As a teacher I am happy to support you as much as I can, so please do get in touch if there is anything you need to talk through. But please do remember that family time is more important than anyone gives credit, so do what you can and leave the rest.

Take care.

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