Downton Abbey: The Board Game

Downton Abbey – The Board game #Review

Everyone loves Downton Abbey don’t they? I even bought my mum the dvd box set for Christmas so she can watch it whenever she likes! When I was asked whether I would like to play the board game I was very excited, I love a good board game and am always on the lookout for a new one to play at family gatherings.

downtonAvailable from Destination Board Games for £24.95

On opening the game it had various different cards and playing pieces. It didn’t require much setting up at all- just having to pop the pieces out of the card and slot them into their bases. The cards had their own slots in the box which makes it handy for taking them when it is your turn.


The Game

The aim of the game is to collect as many different ‘bells’ as you can which is simple enough. To collect a bell you have to visit various rooms on the board, as determined by ‘destination cards’. There is a bit pile of cards to work your way though and each time you reach a room and collect a bell you then take another card. Simple! The only thing we found was that there were quite a few rooms and it was tricky to find the room you were aiming for.

DSC_1016There are also two other piles of cards- ‘letters’ and ‘Carson cards’ – you pick these up if you land on specific squares. Sometimes they will be lucky cards, being told to pick up more bells and sometimes they can be unlucky, you can lose bells or miss a go! 

DSC_1021Once all of the ‘destination cards’ are gone it is then a race to the finish- The Servants Hall! First person back gets an extra 10 bells but the overall winner is the person with the most bells.

So what did we think?

I played it with aunties and cousins and we all really enjoyed it! It was simple enough that it didn’t result in arguments or tantrums but also had enough competition that we all really wanted to win! I would recommend it for any Downton fan but actually it is a good game regardless of the association to the programme. A nice family game to play on a Sunday afternoon!

Board games not your thing? Why not try the Downton Abbey Compendium of Parlour Games? 

DSC_1102Available at Destination Board Games for £19.99

We were also sent another collection of mini games, inside are props to play various games such as Wink Murder, Charades, Who am I? and a number of others. There is also two packs of playing cards to play a selection of traditional card games such as Whist, Cheat, Rummy and Old Maid.

DSC_1099I really like the idea of parlour games and we often play Charades at Christmas. This would be great to keep aside for large family gatherings or a dinner party with friends. Again, these games aren’t specific to Downton Abbey but the cards have the various characters on and so would make a great present for a fan of the show.

We were sent these games in return for our honest opinion. All words and thoughts are my own. 

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    […] back to Grandmas’s for the afternoon. They sang me happy birthday and we had a play of the Downton Abbey game I had to review. It was only us girls playing (all the boys went and played football!) and it was […]

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    You Baby Me Mummy
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    I didn’t even know you could get this! I enjoy Downton Abbey but missed the entire last season.. oops! xx

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      Shhh I have never watched it…..

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