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Fluffy Dairy & Soya Free Pancakes

Inside: The best recipe for dairy and soya free pancakes.

Love pancakes but can’t find any decent dairy free recipes? I have been there! I love pancakes but when I went dairy free while breastfeeding I had to miss out. Until I decided to create my own recipe.

I don’t want to be spending a long time making anything, so as always this is nice and easy and is perfect for kids to make too.

Dairy free and soya free pancakes. If you are dairy and soya free, breastfeeding a dairy free baby

Can you make pancakes without milk?

I have used various milk alternatives but nothing seemed to work. So, instead of using cow’s milk I use oat milk. You could also use almond milk, rice milk, soya milk or coconut milk depending on your preference. All work just as well.

If you use rice milk or a sweetened version of the other dairy free milks then you will want to adjust the amount of sugar added so they aren’t too sweet. I personally find unsweetened oat milk to be the best.

How do you make dairy free pancakes?

The two dairy elements to a regular pancake recipe are milk and butter. A common misconception is that eggs are part of the dairy family but they are not.

Dairy constitutes anything that comes from a cow. If you are looking for a decent egg-free pancake recipe then I can recommend this one from the BBC Food site.

My recipe substitutes the milk and butter element and is the best recipe you’ll find if you want fluffy and delicious pancakes!

Now obviously this is a dairy-free recipe but they could be adapted to include a small amount of dairy when you begin the milk ladder!

Dairy free pancake recipe

This recipe makes 8 pancakes the size of the palm of your hand. You could make them bigger to be more like a traditional pancake but I love how light and fluffy they are at this size and are perfect for stacking.

dairy free pancakes combine dry ingredients

What you’ll need

– 100g plain flour* (or 1 cup)

– 1 tbsp sugar

– 1 tbsp baking powder

– 1 pinch salt

– 1 pinch cinnamon

– 1 large egg

– 2 tbsp oil

– 1 tsp vanilla essence

– 150ml unsweetened oat milk (or 3/4 cup)

*You could always use gluten free flour if you need to.

Dairy free pancakes Cracking an egg


– First, you need to combine the dry ingredients in a bowl. Be sure to sieve the flour to get more air into the mixture.

– Once you’ve done that you can crack the egg into the dry mix, add the oil and vanilla essence. and give it a quick mix. Slowly add the milk, whisking as you go to form a smooth batter.

It is quite a thick mix but that is perfect as it means it doesn’t spread too much in the pan.

– Add a small amount of vegetable oil to a pan and bring up to heat. As I said, it is totally up to you which size you go for but if you add just over a tablespoon of the mixture then you’ll get a nice size to make a stack.

Dairy and soya free pancake recipe

When is it best to flip a pancake?

I recently learned that you can tell when a pancake is ready to flip when it has started to bubble in the middle.

Tips for the perfect pancake

  • Use baking powder. This is how you get them so fluffy!
  • Sieve the flour to aerate the mix further.
  • Use a medium heat so as not to burn them.
  • Wait until they bubble in the middle before you flip.
  • Pop them in the oven while you cook the rest of the pancakes.

I do love a sweet pancake so I smother mine in golden syrup – best pancakes ever!

Let me know what you think!

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Tuesday 17th of March 2020

Can I use coconut milk instead of rice milk?


Monday 23rd of March 2020

Yep! Oat milk would also work well x


Monday 23rd of September 2019

Not technically dairy-free...there's an egg required.


Monday 23rd of September 2019

Ummmm eggs don’t come from cows....