Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids - 2020 Edition - What Katy Said

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids – 2020 Edition

Inside: Gift ideas for kids – includes press samples.

With kids having more and more toys these days, I wanted to choose products that were either useful or gave good value through the experience of the gift itself.

There are gift ideas for children of varying ages here, hopefully something will give you the inspiration you need.

Lego is something that will forever be on gift lists as it is truly amazing. Superheroes are of course all the rage among children (and adults alike) and so I wanted to include this Lego Batman Batmobile set that William got for his birthday.

He loved building it with his older sister and now enjoys racing it around.

Kinesthetic play is something that we need to encourage more of. It is often associated with mess and so lots of parents shy away from it. But this So Sand DIY set is so much fun, it should be a must for all kids!

The thing I like about it is that the sand doesn’t dry out. You can use it over and over again, making different shapes and patterns. The set comes with a handy case too so you can store it away until the next time.

I love a useful gift and this Little Adventurers backpack from Frugi is just the cutest! If your kids are anything like mine then they’ll love taking bits and bobs out with them and this bag is just the right size for a toddler to carry their precious things inside.

Games that bring the family together are always a hit and this game is so much fun! Pose Off gets you to pose in different positions while simultaneously trying to answer questions! It is not as easy as you might think!

With so many plastic toys being given to children each year, why not go for an eco-friendly option instead? This Build Your Own Telescope is made entirely of cardboard (besides the lenses) and is put together through folding and slotting the pieces together. Such a fun idea and of course you also get to look up at the stars!

You can’t go wrong with books, can you? This is a lovely new set of books from Dougie’s Diary. Each book gets the kids involved with the story, asking them to find various things on each page. Perfect for getting their comprehension and inference skills established from an early age.

The series revolves around Dougie the Dinosaur and his family and get conversations started about how we treat one another and the importance of kindness through our thoughts, words and actions. 

I got these headphones for Grace for her birthday and they are great! They are wireless which means no tangling of wires, ultimately breaking the headphones. It means she can listen to audiobooks while in the same room as us and we don’t disturb her and she doesn’t disturb us. Much better than her going off to her room alone!

Who doesn’t love new slippers? These are actually a matching pair to my slippers that are in my women’s gift guide. They are so incredibly comfy and Grace feels grown up having a lovely pair of slippers from Celtic & Co.

We have had hours of fun with this game! Sketchy comes with a two-sides screen on which one team draws and the other team view from the other side. How many pictures can you guess correctly in the time? Lots of laughter and shouting as you guess guess guess!

Personalised books are always such a thoughtful gift idea and this one from It’s Your Story is no exception. Simply upload a picture of your child, size the face to match the head and it will be added to each page along with their name and the name of their best friend. Such a lovely idea!

Trolls are one of my kids’ favourite movies and the latest one, Trolls World Tour, is just as great as the original. These plush toys from Posh Paws would make for a great stocking filler!

L.O.L. have suddenly become the best thing ever in our house. There is something to be said about collectables, isn’t there? These are from the L.O.L. Surprise! Remix Pets and L.O.L. Surprise Remix Hair Flip series’ and honestly Lily is going to go crazy when she sees them!

Sweets! Can’t forget some Haribo to add to their stockings! You have to have something to munch on while you watch all of those Christmas movies!

I hope that gives you some inspiration for different gift ideas!

Some of the items listed in this guide were given as press samples. Some contain affiliate links.

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