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Perfect Personalised Photo Gifts from Asda Photo for Christmas

Inside: Personalised photo gifts for all the family from Asda Photo – featuring press samples.

There is nothing like opening up a gift to find that it has been personalised just for you. It is just the extra thought and effort that has gone into it that makes you feel really loved.

I know that when my aunt sends the kids personalised cards with their photos on it makes their day and makes them feel special.

Asda Photo have released a tonne of photo gifts for Christmas and they are all brilliant. I plan on getting quite a few for various family members as I know they will be thrilled with the extra effort.

I was able to choose a few products from the Asda Photo website to check them out and I can tell you now, they are really good quality and the photos themselves come out really well.

Under £10

Let’s start off with a little stocking filler. I love having photos of my family around me, I have one as my screensaver on my phone and now I can look down at my keys and see a happy moment – bringing me joy every time I leave the house.

They also have mugs, t-shirts and glitter domes that I have my eye on! Check out all of their gifts under £10 here.

Office supplies

If you know someone who spends a lot of time at their desk on their computer then a photo mousemat is perfect. This one is for my husband, who although works from home, needs a little joy to get him through the long days sat at his desk.

They also have personalised stationery which would brighten up any office!

Pet accessories

Know someone with a dog? As a dog owner myself, I can tell you now they will love their dog to bits. Why not treat them to a dog lead with a photo of their furry baby? This is an extender lead so it is perfect for long walks. Team it up with a personalised travel mug and they are good to go!

Check out their pet accessories here.


Family is everything to me. I have so many photos of the kids, the dog and all of us together but never remember to print them out. Something I do though is pop to the shops. So why not put those unused photos onto a tote bag and enjoy them all the time?

They have canvas bags, wash bags, even bags with sequins on that brush to reveal the photo! Such a fun idea!

Check out their photo bags here.

Photo books

Most of my photos end up on Instagram, never to be looked at again. That or they sit inside my phone or on my hard drive for nobody to see at all. We have family that live far away and don’t really use social media to keep up with us that way.

Creating a photo book is a lovely way to share memories with grandparents or even just a gift to yourself so you can physically look back at those photos – you can’t beat a physical photo album in my opinion!

Asda Photo have so many products to choose from, head over to to discover the perfect gift!

We are working with Asda Photo to share the products in their range. All words and thoughts are my own as always.

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