Wyvale Breakfast with Father Christmas- What Katy Said

Breakfast With Father Christmas with Wyevale

I am so excited for Christmas now and finally feel as though I am on top of things. At one point I did wonder whether I would get everything done but after making about 10 different lists I am back on track. I love everything festive and always have a fun-filled December planned for the girls, this year being no exception.

First on the list as always was a trip to see Father Christmas! We have gone to various events over the years and the girls always have such big grins on their faces afterwards – just magical isn’t it? This year we were invited along to the Wyevale Breakfast With Father Christmas and we kept it a surprise until the big day! I was so excited, it took all of my energy to keep it to myself!


They did wonder why we were at a garden centre so early in the day but I pretended that we were off to pick something up and they didn’t question it haha!

We walked into the restaurant area and were greeted by 2 friendly elves. The game was up and Gracie immediately understood what was happening – she’s not daft!

G and cooked breakfast

We were seated in a special area, ringed off from the rest of the restaurant, complete with a tree and festive decorations. We had pre-ordered our breakfasts and so we were soon presented with a delicious cooked breakfast. The girls also had some crayons and colouring sheets to keep them busy and of course we all had a cracker each!

Lils decorating biscuits

After breakfast the girls were taken to a different table to decorate a shortbread snowman each. They loved it, carefully squeezing out the icing and popping the different decorations on top. Lils may have used every single sprinkle in her bowl and every last drop of icing! Haha!

g and her biscuitTa da!

Santa at WyvaleQuick family photo!

by the tree

It was soon time for Father Christmas to arrive, we all called for him and from the other side of the restaurant came a jingling of bells! Gracie’s face was a picture!

meeting santa

Lils was a little nervous so they sat together to have a chat with the big man. Shyness soon went as soon as they saw the presents though – both were given a lovely cuddly wolf and haven’t stopped playing with them since!

I honestly think this is one of the best Father Christmas visits we have had, simply because it was a whole event, nothing was rushed and everyone was made to feel special. There were two other families there with us and it was so nice sharing in their joy too. The girls were last to be seen by Santa but instead of waiting in a queue we were able to see the other children get their presents and so waiting wasn’t an issue at all.

Here’s a little video of our visit…

If you want a relaxed festive visit to see Father Christmas then I can’t recommend the Wyevale Christmas event enough! If breakfast isn’t your thing then they also do a teatime visit too – we might try that next year. Either way we will definitely do it again, it was just fab!

Have you been to see the man in red yet? 

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