How to Write a Killer Blog Post

When writing a post you want it to do well don’t you? Content is king they say- and they are right! There are some other things you need to do to write a killer blog post and hopefully reading this will help you! First of all you need a great title. You also need to consider SEO and get your keywords into the first paragraph. Can you guess the phrase I am using?

So the beginning paragraph is just a taster for the post, letting the readers know what to expect. The second paragraph needs to explain why you are writing it, maybe write about your own experiences to show the reader that you are familiar with the topic. I have been writing posts, reading posts, living and breathing posts for months now and so I know a fair bit about writing them.

write a killer blog post 2

Photos break up posts, as do paragraphs. Breaking the post into easy to digest chunks will help keep the reader focused. Too much text in one go will potentially mean they click away and move on to another blog!

So what are you writing about? Always write for yourself of course, but you need to bear the reader in mind too. If you were solely writing for yourself you wouldn’t be trying to publicise your blog would you? So what do your readers enjoy? Is it the witty stories you tell? Do you write inspiring content? Maybe you are a craft blogger- I do love to read about crafts- I just need to find the time to do them! Whatever it is you love to write about, find your voice- people will know if you are pretending to be someone you’re not!

Not sure what to write? People love lists- why not try a few bullet points? They are easy to read, are handy for recipes or instructions and it also means you can join in with the fabulous linky- The List!

So what have we covered so far?

  • Great title
  • Include keywords throughout post- specifically in the opening paragraph
  • Break up the post with photos
  • Find your voice

Now back to the subject of SEO- search engine optimisation, do you know what it is? You need to focus on keywords throughout your blog. Not too many otherwise Google will pick up on that, but just enough to help your rankings. You also need to include them in your ALT tags of your pictures- let me explain…

ALT tag photo

Can you see the Alt Text box? You need to put your keyword/ key phrase into that box so that your image will show up in search engines too- they are all good links. You need to make sure your key word/ phrase appears in your title, the first paragraph, in your photos and the url of the post. If you are a wordpress user then the Yoast SEO plugin is a must!

Summarise your post and reach a conclusion- think of your post as a mini novel with a beginning, middle and end. You need to bring the reader to your final point, whether that be the finished article of a ‘How to make post’ or your opinion on an important topic. (Notice I have linked to my own posts there- very good for SEO).

Hopefully you can see that with careful planning you too can write a killer blog post that will be easy to read and of interest to your readers- all the while utilising the powers of Google to help it do well in search results. Of course you need to promote it too, building your social media following is crucial for blog promotion.

Finish off with a question to encourage interaction? Maybe link to a social media profile. Did you find this helpful? I would love if you shared it on Twitter

Are you reviewing something? Make sure you write a disclosure at the bottom of the post. Readers like to know that you are an honest, transparent blogger. Make sure you know about follow and no follow links too! 


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Katy is a wife, mum of three and professional blogger. Her blog, What Katy Said, aims to inspire other mums to get organised and make the best out of every day.


  1. A really helpful post. Obviously some of these much easier to put into practice then others. I think possibly the balence between writing for yourself and for your readers can only come with time (and an established audience).. Something I really struggle with as a newbie!

  2. A really interesting post lovely. I still think that you can get away without a lot of this if your post resonates with enough people. Some of my most successful posts have been where I have just written and not cared about SEO etc. But these are fabulous tips for beginners who are wanting to bring lots of readers to their blog. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

    1. Oh yes of course this doesn’t account for emotive writing etc.. This is more for those who want a particular post to rank high in Google search results and increase their overall SEO ranking. More important for those looking for organic searches than being found via twitter etc. xx

  3. I love all these tips, though I think I have a long task on my hand sorting through the ALT on my photos, if that is even possible with blogspot. I have a horrible feeling it is. Might be a job to do when he is back at nursery…x

    1. Why not just do the ones on posts you want to show more- I am a bit lazy and never bother with some posts- only the ones i would pin to pinterest etc..

  4. Thank you some brilliant tips. Although I have had a blog for a while I have only recently start to try and post more regularly. So all the tips I can get the better. ☺

  5. It’s important to use the alt tags on images to actually describe the image – this increases accessibility for people with vision impairments & people who use screen readers. So yes, work your search keywords into the alt tag, but make sure it also accurately describes the image!

  6. Fab post with great tips, Katy. I agree with breaking up paragraphs and using bullet points where appropriate to make text easier on the eye. However, I think the SEO advice is necessary only with certain posts – some of my most successful posts haven’t given two hoots about anything other than expressing my emotions. Balance between science and art is key I think xxx #TheList

    1. Definitely agree with you Leigh, those that will connect with people and be shared far and wide because they touch people in their hearts have no need for SEO. However, those that offer something that needs to compete against everything else in google needs to have good seo as the backbone to give it a fighting chance 🙂

  7. Youv’e covered it all on writing a killer post! Titles seem to be the key for me. But content will always be your tell tell sign. Without good content any blog will be unsuccessful. Excellent post!

  8. Katy
    Great post on a subject I love to blog about!

    I was also add to make sure to have a lot of evergreen posts. This helps with keeping your content forever current, grabbing more and more readers as time passes.

    Love your tips and they really work in generating more traffic to your blog! I have to start using the ALT tag on my images. I keep forgetting about that great SEO tactic!


  9. Lots of fab tips here!,
    I’m obsessed with Yoast plugin I don’t know what I’d do without it, love getting a green good for SEO haha!
    I definitely need to work on my structure and ensure I am not rambling…I definitely have a habit of that!!
    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    1. Oh are you hosted by WordPress? That would probably be it. To have the full features of self hosted you would have to be truly self hosted. x

  10. Good information! I am new to this and realizing there is so much to learn. I’ll have to keep this bookmarked for future use. Thanks!

  11. Fabulous post once again. Didn’t realise about the ALT tags so will go back and add these into ours now.
    Thank you for sharing your expertise

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