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Wizarding World Christmas Gift Ideas

Inside: Christmas gift ideas for Harry Potter fans. Includes press samples.

We are massive Harry Potter fans in this house. It started off just me, then Grace showed an interest and now the other two have started wanting everything Harry Potter too.

It makes gift-buying much easier as I can just see what Harry Potter things are out there and add them to the list!

This year there are even more amazing things on offer – there really is something for everyone. I wanted to share a few of the items here to give you a taste!

DVD Collection

When I first saw this I squealed! I love the Fantastic Beasts movies and so to have them as part of a Wizarding boxset with the Harry Potter movies is amazing. For a real Harry Potter fan, this boxset is an absolute must!

LEGO minifigures

Kids love collecting things, don’t they? The element of surprise you get with these Harry Potter LEGO minifigures is fab! And then of course, you get to make the character inside. Fans of both LEGO and HP would love these!

Sorting Hat

This Real Talking Sorting Hat is brilliant. We all know the scene… Harry sits nervously waiting to find out which house he will be in while at Hogwarts. The sorting hat decides and this sorting hat does the same. Pop it on your head and await your fate!


We love Dobble! We have the original kids version and it is so much fun! This is a fun twist on the game and I am telling you now, it isn’t just for kids! My brain really needs to kick in to be in with a chance of winning! Perfect family fun!

Magical Beasts Board Game

We get a new game every Christmas and the Magical Beasts Board Game is so much fun! At first glance it looks simple enough – collect 4 cards to win the game. But with steals allowed and the risk of the board flipping at any moment, it isn’t as easy as it seems! You don’t need any knowledge of HP to play the game so everyone can get involved!

Magical Capsules

There is something so exciting about hidden compartments and secret messages, isn’t there? These Magical Capsules give you clues towards the main surprise inside and you must use the heat of your thumbprint and a dip in water to access them. Can you guess which character is hiding in the main compartment?

House Robe

All Harry Potter fans wish they could go to Hogwarts and they can at least pretend by wearing a robe from their favourite house. We have the Gryffindor robe – we are Gryffindor through and through. It isn’t just the robe either, it comes with a wand and the glasses and a sewn-in jumper and tie effect top.

Mystery Wand

I think the mystery wand is my favourite thing! Inside is one of nine possible wands and so there is that element of surprise again. I wasn’t sure what the wand would be like, whether it would be a novelty one or not. I was so impressed – it is sturdy and intricate! Such a great gift!

Draught Excluder

Do you know someone who loves to knit? This is the perfect gift as not only do they get a project to work on but they get an amazing draught excluder in the form of the Hogwarts Express at the end of it!

I hope this has given you some inspiration for the Harry Potter fans you need to buy for! And why not head over to to find some festive activities to enjoy through the holidays!

We were sent these items as press samples for the inclusion in this gift guide. All words and thoughts are my own.

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