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Last-minute elf on the shelf ideas

Inside: Last minute elf on the shelf ideas this December.

Every single year I forget to plan out activities for the elves.

Every single year I panic last minute.

Every year I have to creep downstairs at 4am at least once to set them up after forgetting before bed.

I have found myself googling ideas each year and so I wanted to put together a post with real, achievable ideas from parents who have been there and done that before!

All of these pictures were submitted via my Facebook page and Facebook group from my wonderful followers. I hope they help you this Christmas season!

A quick paper aeroplane and bam – the elf is back! You could invite the kids to have a paper aeroplane competition to see who can fly theirs the furthest.

Have you decided to get a second elf? Introduce it as a way to keep an extra eye on them seeing as they haven’t been behaving. Bear in mind, more elves mean more prepping time. I have 5 elves…. I am an idiot!

Story time! Nice and simple but the kids will love it. Perhaps it could introduce a new book for Christmas.

Kids love it when the elves play with their toys – nice and easy to set up!

Have you got any games? Set them up as if they are playing – either with multiple elves or get some of their toys involved in the fun!

Chuck a load of toilet roll round the tree and you are good to go! I told you, we are all about simple around here!

Hide & Seek – where are those pesky elves?

He was feeling hungry – head first into the cereal!

Do your kids love this game? Tape the elves and some toys to a cupboard and voila – the floor is lava!

Are you planning on doing some baking or making something using eggs? Grab a sharpie and deface some eggs!

Have you accidentally eaten all the sweets? Blame the elf!

Anything to do with poo is always a win with kids!

This takes a little more time but it is a fun way to bring them to life!

I don’t know why but this makes me smile so much!!

I often use our elves to introduce an activity for the day and paper chains is a tradition for us each year!

No snow? Snow problem!

Image courtesy of

Where has he got to this time?

Image courtesy of

Poo again!

Image courtesy of

Grab their pants and chuck them on the tree – they will think it is hilarious!

Image courtesy of

Snow angels are so much fun and nice and easy to set up!

Image courtesy of over 40 and mum to one

We have a Christmas birthday – do you? Nice way to get the elf involved!

Image courtesy of meme and harri

Your elf is trying to help out with packed lunches!

Image courtesy of meme and harri

Ooh that pesky elf! Trying to say the kids are on the naughty list!

Image courtesy of little lily pad

This is so cute! The perfect way to introduce a pamper day perhaps?

Image courtesy of Life at Cooks Cabin

Oh my goodness! What have they done?!

Image courtesy of Life at Cooks Cabin

I love a bit of snow spray – ours will definitely be doing something like this!

I hope this has given you lots of ideas to use this December. None take much effort at all – who even has time for that?

A big thank you to everyone who submitted their photos – they are all amazing!

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