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Tuesday Ten – Celebrate Valentine’s Day at home

Do you celebrate Valentines day? It can be quite tricky to make the time when you have kids – when exactly do you have that romantic meal out? In between ballet rehearsals and rugby practice?

Realistically a lot of couples spend the day/night at home and so I thought I would make a list of easy ways to celebrate from the comfort of your own living room!

Breakfast in bed

Yes please! Make mine a croissant, orange juice and a bunch of daffs on a tray. For me, this would be utter bliss as I am always the one to get up and sort out the kids. Having a little luxury first thing would be the best gift!

Post-it notes on the mirror

I am an old romantic at heart so leaving little notes around the house for him to find makes me smile. Hopefully they make the other person smile too and let them know you are thinking of them. Sneak one in their pocket for them to find at a later point too – such a cute idea.

Movie night under a blanket

We sit and watch tv most nights but pretty much always at opposite ends of the sofa – and we are on our phones. Put yours phones away and get snuggly under a blanket while you enjoy the movie together.

Candlelit dinner

Whether you normally eat together or not, make the meal extra special by cooking their favourite meal and adding a little sparkle to the table. Maybe use the best china (does anyone even have best china these days?), light a candle and dim the lights.

Date-night jar

I have given one of these before and it is such a nice idea. You can buy them ready-made I’m sure but they are so easy to make. Simply fill the jar with a few date-night ideas (maybe 12 so you have 1 a month for a year) and pop them in a jar. Each month, pull out an idea and dedicate real time to being a couple.

Love coupons

Again, I am sure you can buy them but I’d rather personalise them with services I am actually willing to provide. Promises to take the kids to their clubs for a month. A promise of a massage. A promise to take them to lunch. The list is endless and of course you can make them as risqué as you like!

Do their chores

A king or queen for the day with not a finger to be lifted! Sounds like the ideal day to me! Do the dishes, vacuum the house, put the kids to bed!

Spa night

Being an adult is tough, right? I know I wouldn’t say no to a nice massage and a face mask! Throw in a foot spa and I’m one happy lady!

Cook together

Valentine’s is a day for you both so why should one person do all the work? Why not take turns cooking each course or just work together to get those carrots peeled! You wash, I’ll dry!

Reminisce over old photos

First dates? Holidays? Wedding? It is so nice to look back through old photos – especially physical photos and reminisce about ‘the good old days’. Take the time to reconnect and remember why you are together.

However you celebrate, have a lovely day!

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