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The best Virgin Piña Colada recipe, EVER!

Inside: The best non- alcoholic Piña Colada mix you’ll ever taste!

Summer is here and with it comes a need for cool, refreshing drinks. What better drink to serve than a cocktail that the entire family can enjoy. You can either make this as a Virgin Piña Colada or an alcoholic version but either way, you won’t find a better recipe to make at home.

Not only will this Virgin Piña Colada cool you down, but it will transport you off to an exotic island – waves splash against your ankles as you enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin.

Or in my case, my feet in a paddling pool as I hear the kids laughing as they plan to soak me with their water pistols!

I am telling you, once you try this recipe you’ll agree that it is the best non-alcoholic Piña Colada mix you’ve ever tasted.

It has taken me an absolute age to find the perfect ingredients but this is the winner – my go-to mocktail drink for summer from now on! And if we have friends over then I can offer it with alcohol if they so wish! Perfect!

The key ingredient here is the cream of coconut – that is the thing that I’ve been trying to work out for months with many failed attempts! But I have done the hard work so you don’t have to. Just follow my recipe and you’ll be known as the master of cocktails forever more!

What is a Piña Colada?

Piña Coladas are an alcoholic cocktail originating from Puerto Rico, with the name meaning ‘strained pineapple’.

It is a sweet cocktail made with white rum, cream of coconut or coconut milk, and pineapple juice, usually served either blended or shaken with ice.

Traditionally you find them in a tall Poco Grande glass with a garnish of pineapple or a maraschino cherry on the side to give it an extra something.

History of the Piña Colada drink

The earliest known story states that in the 19th century, a Puerto Rican pirate, Roberto Cofresí, gave his pirate crew a cocktail consisting of coconut, pineapple and white rum. However, when he died, the recipe was lost.

Pina Colada cocktail with fruits on the beach while on vacation

As such, the Caribe Hilton Hotel claims Ramón “Monchito” Marrero created the Piña Colada in 1954 while a bartender at their hotel. The hotel was given a proclamation in 2004 by Governor Sila M. Calderón to celebrate the drink’s 50th anniversary of being created.

Variations on the Piña Colada Recipe

There are many different ways to make a Piña Colada alternative:

Use different measures of the fundamental ingredients as per your own preference.

Remove the rum to create a non alcoholic alternative – also known as the piñita colada.

Add Amaretto instead of rum to create an Amaretto colada

Add vodka instead of rum to create a Chi chi Colada

If you cannot get hold of cream of coconut then a Staten Island Ferry could be the answer. Use equal measures of Malibu and pineapple juice to get that coconut flavour.

Ingredients for a virgin Piña Colada

This is very straight forward mocktail recipe but the specific cream of coconut is key to making it work. I have tried so many but this is the best one out there.

As well as being found on Amazon (aff link), I have seen it in Lakeland, in health food shops and in the world foods section of major supermarkets.

For one mocktail, you will need:

1/3 Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut

2/3 pineapple juice from concentrate


Pineapple wedges to garnish

So simple, right? There are no specific measurements either so you can whip it up without any measuring equipment.

How to make the best Piña Colada mocktail

You don’t have to use a cocktail shaker but I find that giving it a good shake gives the ingredients a chance to combine – otherwise they do tend to separate with the cream being so thick.

You can also use a blender to mix them together in a larger batch if you prefer.

Another fun option is to blitz up some ice to make the mix even thicker, more like a virgin Piña Colada smoothie – lovely and cooling on a hot summer day.

Pour the Coco Lopez Coconut Cream up to around the 1/3 mark of the shaker, top the rest of the shaker up with pineapple juice and plop in some ice.

Give it a good shake up to get it frothy and then pour into a Poco Grande glass. Add a straw and some pineapple wedges to garnish and you’re done! Voila!

{Each can of Cream makes 3 – 4 large Piña Coladas to give you a rough guide as to how many you might need.}

Non Alcoholic Pina Colada

Non Alcoholic Pina Colada

Non alcoholic Pina Colada - simple and delicious!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut
  • Pineapple juice from concentrate
  • Ice
  • Pineapple wedges to garnish


  1. Pour the Coco Lopez Coconut Cream up to around the 1/3 mark of the shaker.
  2. Top the rest of the shaker up with pineapple juice.
  3. Add in some ice and give it a good shake.
  4. Pour into the glass and garnish with a pineapple slice.


For a bulk recipe just keep to the same ratio of 1/3 Coco Lopez to 2/3 Pineapple juice.

Each can of Cream makes 3 - 4 large Piña Coladas to give you a rough guide as to how many you might need.


Equipment you will need

You can make this by simply using a glass to measure out a third and two thirds of ingredients. However, it may be useful to have the following equipment:

A cocktail shaker

A blender

Poco Grande glass

Cocktail umbrellas


Making larger quantities

If you want to make a big batch then you just have to follow the 1/3 cream to 2/3 juice ratio but for reference, each can of Coco Lopez has 425g of coconut cream inside. So each can would need 850ml of pineapple juice. 2 cans would need 1700ml and so on.

Can I use coconut milk?

I can tell you from experience that no, coconut milk and coconut cream are not the same as cream of coconut.

Coconut milk is thin like cows milk and would be used in the same way; in tea & coffee or in your cereal. Coconut cream is also fairly thin in comparison and is often used in cooking to make creamy sauces.

Cream of coconut is more like condensed milk in consistency and is just as sweet – giving the perfect balance to the pineapple in the mix. It is harder to come by but it is the only thing that gives you that authentic flavour.

Can I use fresh pineapple chunks?

If you have a blender then you can add to this recipe by blitzing up some fresh pineapple chunks within the mix to add a little extra flavour and texture to the drink.

You can also freeze your mix so that you can have a store ready for when guests arrive or for days when only a Piña Colada will do. Simply pour the mix into a sealable container and pop it in the freezer until needed.

I hope my easy Piña Colada mocktail recipe has inspired you to go and make your own! I’d love to know what you think!

What is your favourite mocktail for summer?


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    Cheryl Flounders
    August 27, 2019 at 2:37 pm

    Amazing! I’m 41 weeks pregnant – ugh! And feel like summer will be over before this one makes an appearance and I’ll have missed out on the cold glass of white wine that the warmer evenings are meant for. So definitely going to have a go at making this!!

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      August 27, 2019 at 2:38 pm

      Honestly it is the MOST delicious thing you’ll have ever tasted!

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