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Mummy Style | Personal Stylist Experience

Inside: Review of my Mummy Style Experience with Renee of Mummy Style

I haven’t always loved clothes. I blame the fact that my mother always dressed me in hideous hand-me-downs and ugly dresses. I finally rebelled against her tastes as a teen and dressed in Adidas joggers and baggy t-shirts.

She was horrified.

I think it was Britney Spears who first got me interested in clothes. Watching her music videos made me want to recreate her style and so from the age of 16 I was mostly seen sporting low rise jeans and crop tops. I had the washboard stomach too and felt amazing!

Throughout my uni years I continued to experiment with mini skirts, heels and accessories but somewhere between my final year and qualifying as a teacher I seemed to lose all style completely. Teachers as a rule tend to go for comfy over style and it is catching!

It didn’t help that becoming a teacher left no time for socialising and so Miss Serious took over and my flare for fashion shrivelled up. Leggings and vest tops took over my wardrobe and there they stayed, seeing me through three pregnancies and beyond.

Last year, after realising that I’d lost myself completely, I decided that it was time to find my style again. A huge amount of money spent in Primark and a tonne of clothes bulging out of my wardrobe later, I still felt none the wiser.

I felt ridiculous in this outfit. Although it suits me, red just isn’t a colour I like.

Sure I had loads of clothes, but none of them worked together and actually none particularly felt like ‘me’.

Enter Renee, the breath of fresh air that I needed in my life.

Renee is a stylist with 15 years in the business and just has the most amazing sense of style herself. I’d seen her success with her Mummy Style Experiences and had longed to give them a try. Something had held me back though – most probably my feelings of not feeling like I deserved to treat myself and so I’d just binge-watched all of her stories on Instagram (well worth a watch btw).

So, when she messaged to ask if I would like to review her experience I replied very quickly with a big fat yes!!

What is a Mummy Style Experience?

You start off with a consultation via video call, where you talk about your day-to-day routines, show Renee your wardrobe and let her know the issues you face and what you want to achieve.

Renee will then give you tips for doing a wardrobe cleanse – freeing you of the clothes that don’t work for you. She will also ask you to send over photos of your outfits for the next 5 days so she can see your shape and the sorts of clothes you lean towards.

She will then create your very own look-book, tailored to your needs, shape and style using the latest trends. You will then be able to reference this when shopping and use it as a guide when picking out items from your wardrobe to see what goes well together.

My experience

My main problem was that although I’d bought pieces that I loved in the past, I had no idea how to wear them. This was mainly my love for pencil skirts but always looking like I was ready for a day at the office!

I filmed the process from start to finish so you can see for yourself…

Final thoughts…

From our video call, it was clear that I lean towards smart, tailored looks. But as a stay-at-home mum with a toddler a full-on suit was never going to be the best option! My style icon is Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) in suits and so Renee told me to think Rachel, but on a weekend.

So that is what goes through my mind now when I put my outfit together. I think ok, smart but on a weekend. Which means jeans with a blazer or a pencil skirt and a denim blouse. Balancing out the smart to make it a great every day look for playing with Paw Patrol on the floor.

My look book is incredible, like seriously incredible, and I look at it whenever I need a bit of inspiration. It reminds me of my style and gives me focus to put together an outfit that will make me feel amazing. That’s what we all want isn’t it?

Before working with Renee I often felt lost at sea when it came to getting dressed. Now I know exactly what my style is and how to make it work for my life.

If you feel like you have no idea where to begin when it comes to style then I cannot recommend Renee’s style experiences enough. I just wish I’d done it sooner!

As a treat for my readers, Renee is offering a special price of £99 (reduced from £159) if you book an experience between now and Sunday 30th June. Just mention my name on the booking form. Go on, you deserve it!

I was gifted the experience in return for this review. All words and thoughts are my own.

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    The Less-Refined Mind
    July 5, 2019 at 10:13 pm

    My mum dressed me in hand me downs too – from my boy relatives! I do have my own style now, I’d just love more opportunity to wear nice things!

    You look fab lately x

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