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Take the chore out of ironing with La Vaporella

I can’t stand ironing. 

And yet here I am writing all about an iron. 


Because I bloomin’ well love this iron. No joke. 

I have always owned bog-standard irons, ones that plug in and you pour the water straight into the iron itself. I thought they were the norm and so I just put-up with their sub-standard performance.

Well, I say put-up with but what actually happened was that I gave up ironing all-together.

One less job for me to do! Hurrah!

The only ironing that ever happened was for special occasions and even that was a strain. Ironing just wasn’t a priority for me and so never became part of a routine. 

And I never really noticed the wrinkles, I happily went about my days without a thought for what my clothes looked like. That was, until a friend looked at me horrified one day when I was wearing a particularly creased blouse.

“Don’t you iron?” she said. I laughed and told her of course I didn’t, life was too short. But her comment played on my mind. From that point I made sure nothing was ever too creased – but I still didn’t have a routine for the job. 

Introducing Vaporella

I have worked with Polti before, sharing their amazing Moppy Mop (that actually made me love mopping my floors – who knew?) and so when they asked me to take a look at La Vaporella I was interested to see if it would make me love ironing too.

It is an impressive unit, with a massive tank – so no more topping it up every 5 minutes. It also has innovative technology to ensure the boiler lasts and needs no maintenance – but should anything happen, it is covered by a 10-year warranty!

It takes just 2 minutes to heat up to temperature and once the blue light is on, you are ready to start. The thing I really like about it is the fact that there is no control for the steam – you simply set the right setting for your item and it lets out the correct amount. No more drips! 

It also has a universal setting, which delivers the right amount of heat and steam to whichever material it is on – how clever is that?!

I also really like the steam pulse option. Simply double-press the steam button to turn on the continual pulsing of steam – saving your hand from holding it down for those tougher creases. 

The unit itself is neat and I like that it has a safety lock for easy transportation to and from my cupboard. All in all a great piece of kit and one that I genuinely enjoy using. 

I have started ironing bits and bobs as soon as I take them off the washing line so that I’ll never have a huge pile – definitely the way forward and means we will all be crease-free!

Now, I am not going to tell you I love ironing because let’s face it, it is the bane of our lives (along with putting washing away) but I do love my new iron.

La Vaporella by Polti makes ironing less of a chore by delivering just the right amount of steam to get the job done quickly. And if an iron can reduce the amount of time it takes then it gets a massive thumbs up from me!

I was gifted the product in return for this feature but as always I only share products I love.

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