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Start your capsule wardrobe with 10×10

I didn’t always have too many clothes.

In fact, in my early teens, I practically lived in my Adidas poppers (did you have those?) and baggy t-shirts. Honestly, my mother must have looked at me in horror!

But somewhere along the way, I discovered fashion. And shops. And cheap clothing. Oh and the not-so-cheap clothing. 

This was before social media too so I can’t blame that entirely for my problems. We had catalogues, the pre-internet version of scrolling through photos of clothes.

Yes, let’s blame catalogues.

But social media hasn’t helped other the last few years either. I see gorgeous ladies in their gorgeous outfits and I want them ALL. And more often than not – I get them! 

I mean it is outrageous when you think about it. Where have the days gone where you save up for something you want? Or heaven forbid you just don’t get the thing at all. 

Because you just. don’t. need. it. 

Enough is enough

I don’t have the money or the wardrobe space to keep going down this path. I cannot keep justifying my spends, telling my husband that it only cost a fiver. 

All of those fivers add up, they really do.

So I am taking a stand. A stand against my own shopping habits but also against the world that we are living in. A world of want want want and take take take. 

And my stand is starting with a challenge – question is, will you join me?

The 10×10 capsule wardrobe

For 10 days, you wear just 10 items. That includes tops, bottoms, dresses, coats and shoes. 

It does not include accessories such as bags, hats and scarves so you can change up the outfits as much as you like with those. 

By mixing and matching, by wearing things more than once, you will soon see that a capsule wardrobe is the way forward. There is just no need for so many clothes when you can create lots of outfits from key pieces.

My 10×10

My 10 pieces

It took a while but I managed to get my 10 pieces down to the following:

  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 1 dress
  • 1 jumpsuit
  • pair of boots
  • pair of trainers
  • 2 jumpers
  • 1 t-shirt
  • 1 skirt
Day 1

I will update this post at the end of the 10 days to show you how I got on, but in the meantime I would love it if you joined in. Tag me @whatkatysaiduk with #Katys10x10 so I can see what outfits you come up with! 

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