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Sleep Tight with Acosy Bumper

Lils always hated being in her cot, I think she felt restricted by the sides – trapped almost. We took the sides off when she was about a year old and put up a bed guard instead, she was much happier being able to climb in and out as she pleased. Earlier this year we took her out of her cot bed and moved her into Gracie’s room to share bunk beds – they adore being in the same room and are always having ‘sleepovers’ in each others beds.

She has never really liked her bed guard, it is still quite restrictive and with her being on the bottom bunk it has made her bed very enclosed indeed. There is no way she could be without one though as she wriggles so much that she would fall out over and over again each night! So, when I heard about Acosy Bumpers I really wanted to give them a try – they looked to be the perfect answer!

Acosy Bumper on single bed

We were sent one of their Big Bed Bumpers, which fit single and double beds, plus a special fitted sheet. They way the bumper works is by sitting underneath the sheet to create almost a raised mattress along one edge. It is low enough and soft enough that it doesn’t impose on the space and means she can clamber over it rather than having to manoeuvre around it like the old bed guard.

sitting on her Acosy bumper

You should have seen her face when she saw it for the first time, she was so excited to have a ‘big girl bed’ like her sister. The difference it makes to the space is amazing too, it doesn’t look like there is anything there at all really and in a small room that makes a big difference. It also means I am able to climb over it to lie in her bed with her to read stories or if she needs me in the night – something that I just couldn’t do with the size of the old guard.

Lils in her bed

Most importantly – does she fall out? Glad to report that she hasn’t once fallen out and the bumper stays in place nicely. She is a right wriggle-pants too so she will have definitely put it through its paces! I am thinking about getting another one to have at the side of our bed actually as Wills is in with us and I do worry that he will roll out!

If you are thinking about moving your toddler from their cot to a bed then the Acosy bumper is fab – much better than the big clunky guards you’ll have seen around. Being lower I think it will help with the eventual transition to no bumper too which is great!

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    Laura - dear bear and beany
    November 12, 2016 at 7:29 am

    I’ve not seen these before. We’re moving Holly to a bed in the new year and this looks ideal. I like that you can still get in bed with them for story time. X

    • Reply
      November 15, 2016 at 5:29 pm

      It really is perfect as it just doesn’t intrude on space or make them feel enclosed at all x

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