Review: The Best Cups For Little Hands

Not much impresses me but I am telling you now, these cups are amazing!

I have been a parent for almost 5 years now and Little G has been using a cup for around 4 years, give or take. In those 4 years we have tried plenty of cups, those with straws, sippy cups and more recently open cups. What do all of those cups have in common? They spill. I do not care how many times a company will tell you it is non-spill, they spill – usually all over my sofa!

When Litecup contacted me I was intrigued. They claim that their cups are non-spill, but not only that, they have an inbuilt night light too! Fab! Reading up about them I was even more intrigued, there is no straw, no spout – instead there is a 360º rim to drink from, just like an open cup.

Litecup Pink

When the cups arrived, I didn’t tell the girls how to use them. It was so funny watching their little faces as they tried to work out how the drink came out. When they took their first sip, they were SO excited! It was like magic! From the day they got them, they haven’t put them down – they love them and so do I.

Frozen Blue Toddler Cup

I can tell you whole-heartedly that these cups are non-spill, I am so impressed. The valve that lets the drink out is one way and so even when the drink is on its side, nothing comes out. Of course there are exceptions, if you shake it around aggressively there will be a few droplets escape but for normal everyday toddler use, it is brilliant!

Nightlight Cup For Toddlers

So on to the nightlight, a great idea for little ones who like to have a drink by the side of their bed. It is light sensitive so only comes on when the light goes below a certain level. Both of my girls like to have a night light so this is a great way of giving them access to a drink AND a night light. The light can be turned off manually, perfect for when it is packed in a bag etc.. to prevent the battery from being used up unnecessarily.

Litecup nightlight

The music to my ears was the fact that they are dishwasher safe! The cup components come apart and obviously the light unit needs to be removed. I bought a cup recently that melted in the dishwasher – not good. As a busy mum I cannot be doing with hand washing specific items so the Litecup gets a big thumbs up from me on all counts!

My Sig

Fancy winning a Litecup for your little one? I have 3 to giveaway and all you have to do is complete the widget below. Good luck!!

Litecup selection


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  1. What a great cup need one of these for my granddaughter when she stays over. No more hunting of a night for her lost cup lol

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