Reflexology in Pregnancy

Reflexology In Pregnancy

I am not normally one to treat myself or make time to do anything remotely relaxing. I am much more of a get on with it and do a little bit of moaning on the side kinda gal, haha! You will probably know that this pregnancy has taken its toll on me over the last few months, leaving me drained and miserable. I haven’t been sleeping well and little stresses have combined to become bigger stresses, not good for a mama-to-be is it?

I was contacted by the lovely Shibhan, someone I met just over a year ago through our local NCT group, and she asked whether I would like to come for a reflexology session. She specialises in maternity reflexology and so knows exactly which areas to focus on and which to avoid – we don’t want babies coming early do we?!

I’m going to be honest, I am not normally a fan of anyone touching my feet but at 33 weeks pregnant I was willing to do anything to give me a little respite from all my ailments. So, I waddled along to her studio for an hour of bliss. Total me time – hurrah!

She asked me whether I was suffering with anything in particular. I seem to have drawn the short straw as I have every pregnancy symptom going! Reflux, heartburn, SPD, round ligament pain, restless leg, hip pain… the list goes on, and on. She assured me she would be able to help ease those symptoms, leaving me relaxed and calm. I have never had anything like it done before so I was a little dubious, but like I said, I was willing to give it a go.

I sat back in a chair, slightly tilted to one side so as not to lie directly on my back. I’ve not been able to lie on my back for a good few months now without feeling faint. Such an awful feeling that leaves me panicked! Shibhan rubbed some lovely oils into my feet and then started on my right foot. She warned me that falling asleep is natural and to just let go. I am a stubborn old goat though and tried my best to keep myself awake by focusing on what she was doing.

The Reflexology Trail

As she rubbed, pressed and massaged different points on my foot, starting at my toes and working her way down and around, I could feel an enormous weight beginning to lift. I tried to explain it to her afterwards, like I was being emptied, drained of any stress and toxins. Such a peculiar feeling but one that put me totally at ease.

I would love to tell you what it was like when she moved over to my left foot but I fell asleep! I tried to fight it but it was just the most amazing relaxing feeling ever. She literally worked every stress out of me and that is quite an achievement, as I am very stressy at the moment. As she gently told me that the session was over, I managed to wake myself up – not that I wanted to wake up, I could have stayed there all day!

She told me that I would feel relaxed for the rest of the day, that I would sleep better that night, and she was right. Of course I still tossed and turned throughout the night but for the times I was asleep I truly slept soundly.

If you aren’t really sure about maternity reflexology and the benefits it can bring then here are the main points:

– It can optimise health to support conception in both men and women
– Relaxes the body and eases the mind through each stage of the pregnancy
– Eases some of the uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy
– Helps the woman’s body prepare for labour
– Promotes positive moods, calms nerves, boosts confidence and helps milk flow in postnatal women
– Eases discomfort in the case of episiotomy and cesarean sections
​- Balances hormones in postnatal women

I am telling you now, I left there feeling relaxed and completely changed. I want to try and fit in another appointment before baby comes although time seems to be running out so it may have to be a postnatal treat to myself!

If you are in North Herts then do check out Shibhan’s website, The Reflexology Trail, to find out more about what she does. She is so lovely – your feet will be in good hands!

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  • Reply
    You Baby Me Mummy
    July 22, 2016 at 5:08 pm

    Ha ha! Can’t believe you fell asleep! Sounds lush! xxx

  • Reply
    Carol Cameleon
    July 22, 2016 at 8:30 pm

    I can well believe you fell asleep Katy! Anything holistic is a winner for me and in hindsight, I’d have had some reflexology when expecting our little girl. The pressure points absolutely intrigue me…

  • Reply
    Emily aka the trainee mum
    July 25, 2016 at 9:40 am

    I had reflexology every fortnight from 23 weeks of pregnancy and it was the best thing ever! Like you, I slept so well after a session and for a few nights after too. Totally recommend it.

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