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Real Mums – The Kenny Family

I started this feature to celebrate real mums. Mums are amazing and come in all shapes and sizes but sometimes we can feel alone, we can feel as though we are the only ones struggling to keep on top of things. I want to lift the lid on motherhood so we can all feel part of a sisterhood, to feel proud about our own achievements and know that we are doing the best we can!

real mums

Without further a do let me hand over to Christine!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.

Hi there, I’m Christine, wife to my high-school sweetheart and mother to two adorable 20 month old twin boys. I’m a full time Software Developer in the financial industry where I “spend my days taking over the world”… Just kidding. My current hobby is my blog, but I also love reading, taking long bubble baths, and having picnics in the backyard with my family. My husband is my “go-to” person. He’s been my best friend since we were teenagers and basically forms the foundation that our little family stands on. Our twin boys have been a blessing from day one. Though they were quite a surprise, I can’t imagine life today without their smiles, warm personalities, cute little toes and tummy tickles.

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We also have one very loud Jack Russell that thinks he’s human, two beautiful kitties and a house that is bursting at the seams.

Describe a typical day in your life

Well, a typical day for us is pretty busy. It all starts at around 06h30 every morning when we get up and start our day. The twins tend to wake up around 07h00, and then play in their cribs until changing and bottle time at 07h30. Once I’ve passed the twins on to the nanny, I leave to go to work, to be there by 08h00. My husband still attends classes, so his days vary in hours.

Once I’m at work, things slow down a little. I spend most of my day behind a computer screen, “geeking” it out and the rest of the day is spent in meetings. My work days are generally from 08h00 to 16h30.

Once we get home, we have approximately half an hour to prepare dinner while the boys finish their afternoon nap. Between dinnertime and bath time, we generally spend our time playing with the twins, catching up on some of our series, and sometimes visiting family for evening coffees. By 20h00, its bath time. Then the mad rush to pick up all the boys toys, prepare their bedroom, entertain the kids in the tub, fight with them to get out the tub and dry two slippery little bodies begins. After brushing teeth and drying hair, its story time, night-time bottle and then bedtime.

Once the boys have fallen asleep which generally takes about 20-30 minutes, we get a blissful hour of just relaxing. Unless of coarse, the hubby has work to do, or I want to write a blog post, or we need to cook some meals to freeze or basically anything that we don’t get to do during the day needs to be done. Which, of course, happens almost every night. We generally get to bed anywhere between 23h00 and 01h00.

What is the best thing about being a mum?

Sneaking into their room while they are sleeping, staring down at their calm little faces and knowing that no matter how much I screw up with silly things like forgetting their juice or not getting them to bed before 08h00, they will always love me for who I am.

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What have you found hardest about motherhood?

The hardest thing for me has been the feeling of absolute incompetence when one of my little boys are sick or in pain and I don’t know what’s wrong and how to make it better. As they are getting older they seem to be able to show what’s hurting, but for the first year and a half, it was always a guessing game. It’s so frustrating watching your child in pain yet not knowing what to do about it.

How has your body changed?

Due to the twin pregnancy my body looks like I went through a civil war. I have stretch marks in places I never knew could stretch. Since the pregnancy, I’ve lost most of the weight but the tummy I’m sure will never disappear. I’ve also suffered with quite a bit of back pain, but it seems to be healing very slowly.

Do you wear makeup? If so what does your routine look like? 

It only takes me about five minutes every morning, but at least I manage to slap on some moisturiser, foundation, eye-liner, mascara and a bit of blush every morning before work.

What’s in your handbag? 

Most days, the baby bag serves as a handbag to me, but on the odd occasion the usual wallet, car-keys and tissues can be found in my handbag. I also have a snack for the boys, two little racing cars, wet wipes, make-up repair kit, extra tissues, a pen and a bunch of slips in the bag.

What is your relationship with housework?

I’m very lucky to have a nanny at home who not only looks after the boys but also does all the housework during the week. I on the other hand, can honestly say, I hate housework… Physically I’m able to do all the things like washing, sweeping, dusting, ironing, etc, but most times I tend to find something way more important to do instead.

How do you relax?

My favourite thing to do once we get the boys to bed, is to sit with my hubby, put on our favourite show, chat about our day and drink a cup of tea.

What’s the best parenting advice you have ever been given?

The best advice I’ve ever received was to keep my twins on the exact same schedule. When one sleeps, the other sleeps, when one eats, the other eats, etc. Not only did this give me the extra time I needed in-between feeds, but it also made it easier for the boys to accept and come to expect their routine.

For any new mums out there, what would you like to tell them?

Being a mommy is one of the best experiences you’ll ever have, but it’s also one of the hardest. Motherhood is not made of Instagram moments or all those beautiful silhouetted memories we see in movies. It’s a combination of hard work, excruciating hours, buckets of tears, silly smiles, joyful laughter and immense pride.

What makes you happy?

Seeing my boys exploring together and learning something new and seeing the expression on their faces when they’ve achieved something..


And finally, complete this sentence:

I am a great mum because…..  My goal every day is to do everything in my means to make them as happy as they can be. Whether it means simply going out of my way to make them smile.

I love that photo of your boys! What cuties! I agree about the hardest thing being the helplessness when they are ill. I hate not being able to tell them they are going to be ok. Thank you so much for joining in! 

You can find out more about Christine and her world over at her blog, The Kenny Family.

 She is also on Twitter so go say hi!

If you would like to take part in my Real Mums series then email me at x

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