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Popstar party for Gracie turning 6

Pinterest has a lot to answer for I tell you!

I was lured into thinking that putting together a party for 40 children would be as easy as pie.

40 children in one hall is never easy as pie.

We decided on a pop star theme for Gracie’s party this year, after she decided that she wanted to stand up on stage and sing. Now, I knew she would never actually get up and do that, so I figured that as long as she had a sparkly outfit, that would be good enough for her.

I started putting together a Pinterest board for activity ideas, then turned to Amazon prime for everything I needed. I probably could have found things elsewhere but I am one to leave it all to the last minute!

Now first things first, a pop star needs to have a giant poster with their name on to direct everyone to their concert, don’t they?

Isn’t it fab? It is from Dom and Geri and was absolutely perfect for the occasion. You should have seen her face when she saw that it even had a picture of her on it! The banners are great value, great quality and can be personalised with any design and any message. I’ll definitely be getting another one for Lil’s birthday!

So what else does a pop star party need?

A popstar outfit – her dress is from H&M and the shoes are from Next. She knew exactly what she wanted and sequins and glitter were the order of the day!

A photo booth – I ordered these gold curtains to stick on the wall, creating a backdrop for her and her friends to have their photos taken against.

Inflatable instruments – An easy prop for the photo booth. This pack of 3 instruments was perfect.

Giant sunglassesanother photo prop, perfect for putting them at ease in front of the camera.

Activity ideas

We threw a disco last year so I wanted to do something a little different. I decided to go with my teacher instincts and put out activities on tables.

Decorate your own sunglasses – they absolutely loved this one. I bought cheap toy sunglasses and a giant pack of foam stickers. They all sat for ages thinking about how best to decorate their own popstar sunglasses.

Decorate your own goodie bag – Popstars always get goody bags when they go to an awards ceremony don’t they? I thought it would be fun to get some nice paper party bags and let the kids decorate them themselves. I bought some cheap felt tips from Poundland and a giant pack of star stickers. They were happy as Larry!

Facepaints – Kids love having their face painted don’t they? Obviously with 40 children to get through it wouldn’t be an easy task. I found a star stencil online and bought a pack of Snazaroo face paints and it worked perfectly. A quick dab on the stencil and they felt like rock stars!

She had the best time and although it was tricky trying to pull it all together last minute, it all worked so so well! She came away feeling like the star of the show and all of her friends left with all of their pop star goodies too. I popped some glow sticks and Hawaiian hula necklaces into their goodie bags as well as their sunglasses, so they could dress up and have a party at home too.

All in all, a successful party!

What was the last party you threw? 

We were kindly sent the birthday banner. All thoughts and words are my own. 

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