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Parenting The Vital Way With Vital Baby

Since the very first few days of Will’s life, we have been a part of the Vital Baby® #ParentingTheVitalWay campaign and have been receiving some very lovely packages ever since. Vital Baby® are a family run business and have been making baby feeding products since the 90’s, moving into a wider range over the past few years. They are innovative and have environmentally sensitive packaging, something that I am always pleased to see.

Over the last few months we have been using various products and we will start to use the remaining bits and bobs over the coming months as Wills begins his weaning journey. It doesn’t seem a minute that my baby boy was being welcomed into the world and now he is sitting up and making a grab for food! Madness!

The very first products we used were the Health and Safety kit – thankfully we have never had to use the thermometer but the nasal decongester has come in handy quite a few times! My absolute favourite product of theirs though is the Aquaint Sanitising Water – honestly it is brilliant! It is award winning and for very good reason as it is a revolutionary 100% natural cleansing water spray which also kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds. We have used it for cleaning dummies, wiping down his changing mat and the travel size is perfect for sanitising hands while out and about! We also love their hypoallergenic fruity baby wipes – perfect for mucky hands!

Vital bath toys

We have been able to try out the bath toys from the moment they arrived of course, the girls love splashing about in the bath with toys. Wills is now old enough that he joins them for a little while and so they have fun showing him the brightly coloured creatures too.

Parenting the vital way weaning cup

Now obviously we haven’t been weaning just yet but he has been enjoying holding his bottle recently so I opened up his soft spout tumbler and he took to it straight away!

Weaning cup Vital Baby

He hasn’t quite mastered sucking, preferring to chew the spout but the spout is designed for this stage so his gums are protected.

Vital baby weaning bowls

We have been sent some fab bits ready for him to start weaning, some twist ‘n’ lock freezer pods, soft spoons and a cup for when he is a little older.

Vital baby weaning bowls set

The warm-a-bowl looks absolutely brilliant – keeping food warm by having a secret compartment underneath for warm water. The suction bowl is going to be invaluable as I know from experience that babies love nothing more than to swipe everything off the table!

I will share the weaning products as and when we use them, so make sure you keep an eye on #Parentingthevitalway on Twitter for updates.

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