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An Easy Way To Organise Their Bath Toys

My girls love to splash around in the bath and have accumulated quite a few bath toys over the years. They seem to have taken over our bathroom though and I have tried so many ways of organising them. I’ve tried nets with suckers but they fall off the tiles and end up in a heap. I’ve tried putting them neatly on the side but let’s be honest, it takes far too much effort to be bothered to do that. So more often than not, this was the sight that greeted anyone looking in our bath…

Messy bath toys

Not great really eh? 

I knew there must be a better way and I remembered seeing something on Pinterest a few years ago that would be the answer. I went to town to get the bits and bobs I needed and voila…

Organise your bathroom kids bath toys hack

So much better and so easy for the girls to quickly pop everything away at the end of their bath.


The shower pole is one of those pressure poles so no drilling involved, just twist it round and it stays where it is. I picked up a cheap shower curtain from Poundland, one that came with curtain rings and I am now using the curtain as a arts and crafts table cloth for the girls – leaving the rings for this project.

white baskets

The baskets are from ebay (I got a pack of 6 and use them for other bits and bobs too), white to match our white bathroom and with slots to allow the rings to fit through.

organised bath toys

Such a simple idea but it means our toys are neat and tidy and the girls can have easy access to everything.

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Rachel - MummaHub

Friday 10th of February 2017

SUCH a brilliant idea. How very Pinterest! I'll definitely be pinching this!