Toddler Pod | Fox & Babe from Pacapod

A Toddler Pod for little walkers

Inside: A look at the new Toddler Pods from PacaPod

Hands up who has a little one who loves to run away?

Yep, I am the owner of one such monkey and it has come as quite a shock after having two very well-behaved girlies.

Wills loves nothing more than to race off at lightning speed, laughing hysterically as I chase after him like a maniac.

Oh, such fun we have!

You can imagine my face when I spotted this Toddler Pod from PacaPod, can’t you? I mean foxes – it was like it was made for Wills, isn’t it?

I am a huge PacaPod fan anyway, with quite a few changing bags in my collection, so when I spotted they’d made little rucksacks for toddlers I was sold!

It is a combined rucksack and reins, meaning they are always secure with a strap around their waist but have their essentials to hand too.

Wills has his juice cup, a snack and a cuddly toy, with the rest of his essentials in my changing bag. He absolutely loves that he has his own bag though and wants to take it everywhere.

I love that it comes with a pushchair strap, although mine clips into my changing bag when he is in the pushchair as I’ve swapped out one of my other pods.

I love the bag, I love that it is foxy and I love that it has all of the great features I have come to love about PacaPod.

Take a look at the PacaPod website to see the other designs – all so cute with the mother and babe print on the front.

We were gifted this bag in return for this feature, all words and thoughts are my own.

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