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My weekly list #11

I love writing a weekly list, it helps me to focus on the things I have achieved when otherwise I may feel as though I have done nothing!

my weekly list

Real life:

I haven’t had the best week as I have had some sort of flu- woman flu, not man flu! Anyway, here are a few things I have done (that I can remember)

  • Had a lovely meal out with my favourite people.
  • Have got over the fact L has a broken tooth, she is so gorgeous anyway it makes for a quirky feature…. I think.
  • I voted. Almost couldn’t be bothered and then Mr F made me see that it is important to have my say.
  • Went to work high on day nurse, a morning with 30 4 year olds was interesting!

Real life weekly goal: Get back on track with our themed weeks.

Blog and social media:

  • Had an overwhelming response to our new linky! 41 posts in the first day!! Up to 45 as I write this!
  • Had my bloggy birthday of course, 1 year young!
  • Had the most lovely lovely comments from some of you guys, had me in tears actually.
  • Discovery of the week: You have to check this tuff spot idea out by Mudpie Fridays – totally amazing!
  • My favourite post to write was: Our Story- the final chapter!
  • My most successful post has been: How blogging has changed my life

Blog weekly goal: Get a bit more organised, being ill has made me slip and I don’t know what I am meant to be doing half the time!

Hope you have all had a good week!

 The List

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  1. Sorry you’re feeling poorly, but it sounds like you’ve still had a pretty good week. I must check out your Linkys, I need to get more involved with joining in – congrats on its success xx

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