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Moving Into The Britax Römer DUALFIX

My baby boy is growing fast! He is the size that Gracie was at 9 months and he is only 3 months old!!! As much as we loved our baby carrier, he was getting a bit too snug and so we decided that the DUALFIX would be the best option for his new car seat. I’ve lusted after it for a while actually, it is such a gorgeous seat don’t you think?

The thing I like about the DUALFIX is the fact it can be used from birth right up to 4 years old so you can bypass lots of the other seats and get one that covers all bases. It has so many different options with the recline and of course it can be both rear and forward facing.



It comes as an all-in-one unit with the ISOFIX base as part of the seat so unfortunately it can only be used in compatible cars. Our car is really annoying and has compartments in the passenger footwells, meaning he has to go in the middle so the foot-prop has a sturdy floor to rest on. Not that it makes much difference when you have 3 kids – I will always have to lean over for one of them!

One of the features I always liked about the DUALFIX was the fact that it can swivel to face you in the doorway. Unfortunately having 3 car seats in a row means I can’t do this but it is good to know should you just have 1 or 2 seats in the back.

DUALFIX button swivel

DUALFIX 90 degree spin

It can swivel a full 360º too which is great, just with a push of a button, making it easy to convert to forward facing when you need. One thing I really like actually is that it does not let you turn it forward facing when in a reclined position for a baby so there is no risk of a child being at the wrong stage for their size – instead it locks at 90º like Wills is showing you above.

Obviously he is still in rear facing and he will be for a good few years yet but I wanted to show you how a 3 year old looks in the seat.

extended rear facing

Lils fitted quite happily in rear facing and if we didn’t have those foot wells I would have been happy for her to have a DUALFIX too.

DUALFIX forward facing

Here she is forward facing, I do like that it has a recline function for this stage too so toddlers can still have a nap without their head rolling forwards.

It is such a fantastic car seat, with so much padding that I know that he will be safe at all times. It is so easy to use too, with all of the features I have come to love about Britax products. It is by far the best choice for my precious little bundle and will last him for years.

Are you thinking of buying an extended rear facing seat?

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