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Making time for me with Sanctuary Spa

Washing to do, nappies to change and a million teeny tiny Hama Beads to pick up off the floor. Just an average day in the life of a stay at home mum.

We are at the bottom of the pile, the last ones to get our needs met and it is completely and utterly draining. Half the time we don’t realise it is happening, we carry on and on until one day we just crack.

Unable to take the pressure anymore.

Recently I have been feeling the pressure more than normal and I realised that it is because I never have any time off.

I don’t press pause, I don’t make the time to look after me. 

Making more me time

They say you can’t pour from an empty cup and they are so right – my cup is empty and I need time to fill it up again.

I started making a list of things I would like to make time for and one of those things is quite simple – I want to look after my skin more. I always feel pampered when my skin is moisturised and there is nothing more relaxing than having a face mask on is there?

I was sent some gorgeous products from Sanctuary Spa and my goodness me they are just what the doctor ordered. I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you so you can go pamper yourself too!

5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask & Charcoal Wash

This is my new Sunday morning routine right here with the 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask and the Warming Detox Charcoal Wash –  they are amazing. I did worry slightly that I might end up looking like those charcoal face mask videos that have been floating around the internet but thankfully it was just 5 minutes of bliss.

Total bliss.

2 Day Moisture Shower Oil

I don’t know about you but showers are a 2-minute job these days, so there is little time for luxuries. But, the 2 Day Moisture Shower Oil is amazing. I am not kidding you, you will feel like a goddess in under a minute I promise.

Whether you have 30 seconds or 30 minutes, simply relax, breathe & let go. Find your sanctuary. 

4 Day Moisture Oil Scrub

If your skin needs a bit of exfoliation then you definitely need the 4 Day Moisture Oil Scrub. I love how it leaves my skin nourished – anything with shea butter is always a win for me.

It isn’t too rough on the skin which is great, nobody wants to feel like they are being scrubbed to an inch of their lives. The salt crystals are really fine and are combined with gold of pleasure oil leaves – can’t ask for more than gold can you?

5 Day Moisture Creamy Body Oil

My absolute favourite has to be the 5 Day Moisture Creamy Body Oil. My skin is always dry and 2 seconds after moisturising it will look as dry as before I applied it.

This doesn’t happen with the body oil though and I can confirm that it lives up to its name. Since using it I have felt nourished and hydrated for days and days.

The three combined have left me feeling pampered and just that little more relaxed. Taking the time to look after me has not only meant gorgeously soft skin but a shift in my mental attitude too.

I am important too.

I am not going to let myself get dragged to the bottom of the pile anymore – that can be reserved for things like ironing!

If you are looking for affordable luxury then go take a look at the Sanctuary Spa range.




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