Float UK Experience & Review - What Katy Said

Making time for us, starting with Float UK

Inside: A review of our experience at Float UK

With three kids, daily responsibilities as parents take up most of our spare time.

From the moment we hear the rattle of the stair-gate on the toddler’s bedroom, we start to plan the day. What clubs are on after school? Is there clean uniform? Shirts ironed? Are we having spaghetti bolognese for the 10th day running?

I get the toddler dressed while the girls get themselves ready and he gets their breakfast before dashing off to work. He blows me a kiss and I remind him to drive safely. Same every day, always.

We are always rushing around after the kids but never make time for the two of us. We don’t make time to reconnect as a couple – the foundation of this family.

We need to invest in ourselves, to strengthen those foundations to ensure that our family stays strong. And that is why we’ve decided to put ourselves first for a change – take up offers from family members to babysit and get out more as a couple.

For our very first date, one of many to come, we took ourselves down to Hertford for a session with Float UK.

“Hertfordshire’s first floatation centre offering the opportunity to escape from the stresses of day to day life with the use of Floatation Therapy”

I have to say I was intrigued as to how it would work and whether I would get claustrophobic in the pods.

It was so exciting leaving the kids, even just for a few hours, and we laughed and talked as we made our way to the centre.

When we got there, we were shown to a relaxation room where we had to fill out some forms. There were bean bags and sofas to sit on and mood lighting to get you relaxed before your session.

The pod rooms themselves were bright and airy with a shower and of course the pod.

They are absolutely enormous, much to my relief, and you could probably fit two people in to be honest. Not that you’d want to as it is nice floating around inside with plenty of space surrounding you.

Once the session starts, you have 10 or 15 minutes to get yourself changed and showered. The pod starts to fill and then you are ready to climb inside.

It isn’t dark inside thank goodness – they have mood lighting and soothing music to keep your mind focused while you adjust to the water. You simply lie back and relax.

At some point, the lights do go off and the music stops but there is a button to turn them back on if you need. I didn’t, as I fell asleep!

Before I knew it, I was being woken up by the lights coming on and the water starting to drain. Very much relaxed and rested.

Would I do it again?

Yes, I think so. It was a relaxing experience and I do love anything to do with water. I would just be sure not to touch my eyes this time – salty water makes that an unforgettable experience I can tell you!!

To be honest, it was just nice to escape the normal day-to-day and afterwards, we went for lunch together. We were relaxed and we were able to talk without being interrupted – bliss.

Making time for each other won’t stop the manic start to each day or mean we get to say more than ‘drive safe’ before parting ways. But it will mean we look forward to seeing each other and will keep our bond strong in the in-between times.

How do you reconnect? Have you got any date ideas you could share? Have you tried floatation?

We were gifted the Float UK experience but all words and thoughts are my own.

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