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How To: Make A Rememberlutions Jar

I have always made new year’s resolutions.

I have always failed.

They are generally the same each year; lose weight, get fit, do better at this and that… the list goes on. Each year is the same and each year I look back and feel terrible that I have let myself down once again. Are you the same?

Well no more. 

I have had enough of feeling bad. I have had enough of feeling like I have failed for another year. I am going to shake up the tradition- I am saying no to new year’s resolutions and yes to positivity!

rememberlutions jar props

Let me introduce you to my Rememberlutions jar. I have decorated it and filled it with lots of pretty paper and a nice pen. It is called a Rememberlutions jar because I am going to fill it with my achievements that I want to remember- those that will be celebrated at the end of the year. If I drop a dress size, it will go in the jar- if I don’t then it doesn’t matter. Every time I do something positive, whether it be family related, blog related or otherwise, I will make a pretty note and pop it in the jar.

Rememberlutions Jar

I used sticky letters to write an inspirational quote on the jar, something to keep me motivated to stay positive throughout the year.

Rememberlutions Jar Notes

At the end of the year, the jar will be filled with happy memories, positive moments and things that I am proud of. No negativity, no failures, just happy notes that encourage and inspire me to do better the following year.

How To Make Your Own New Year Rememberlutions Jar

What do you think? Will you be making your own jar? 

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Wednesday 21st of December 2016

This is such a great idea! I've decided that I won't be making New Years resolutions. I already have a lot of difficulties to face at the moment without adding meaningless stress and almost certain failure into the mix. I've been trying to write down successes in my bullet journal, but haven't been particularly good at noting them done. A jar may be the perfect option for me! Xx

Tania | When Tania Talks


Wednesday 21st of December 2016

That's exactly it! Who needs added pressures? So much nicer to focus on the happy xx

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Sunday 10th of January 2016

[…] can be. I’ve decided to collect all my own personal achievements for the year together in a rememberlutions jar inspired by What Katy Said. My jar is going to be called simply Wonderful Me – to help me […]

Hayley @hayleyfromhome

Monday 4th of January 2016

What a sweet idea Kate, I've been meaning to do something like this for a while but I'm dabbling with bucket journaling this year so writing my positive things in that for the moment. I love this no, no pressure and you'll have a load of lovely moments to look back on xx


Monday 4th of January 2016

I am going to have to google bucket journaling Hayley- sounds interesting! xx

Moments of Gratitude for 2015 - Little Fish

Saturday 2nd of January 2016

[…] love this idea of Making a Rememberlutions Jar from fellow blogger Katy. It’s such a lovely idea to collect your achievements throughout […]

You Baby Me Mummy

Friday 1st of January 2016

Such a fab idea huni. I am going to keep the little notebook you gave me and each month pop in our wonderful memories, so at the end of the year I will remember all the great moments from each month xxx


Friday 1st of January 2016

Ah I am glad it will come in useful xx