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Look fresh-faced in 2018 with Charlotte Tilbury makeup

There are some days I resemble a hagged witch if I’m being honest. Sometimes, makeup beyond a bit of lip tint and a sweep of powder is all that I have time for and anything more is reserved for special occasions.

It happens when you have kids, doesn’t it?

Managing to grab 5 minutes to yourself in the mornings is hit n miss, with “mummy, can you help me with my tights” to “mummy, he’s climbing on the sofa” being yelled up the stairs.

But this year is going to be different.

This year is all about putting mum first.

We deserve it, don’t we?

I plan on making the time. I am going to set my alarm that bit earlier on these dark dreary mornings, so that I can put on my face and feel great for the rest of the day.

I want to look fresh-faced rather than the ‘haven’t slept in 6 years-faced‘ that I normally sport.

How to look fresh-faced in 2018

The most important step in any beauty regime is to cleanse and moisturise. I have been doing it every day since I was 11 years old but recently I have slacked. There has been a marked difference in my skin!

Charlotte’s Magic Cream is gorgeously creamy and absorbs quickly into your skin.

Once you’ve moisturised, you need a base. I am very busy and so haven’t got time for various types of coverage. Instead, I usually opt for a BB cream which gives light coverage and takes no time at all to blend.

The last few weeks though I have been trying out Wonder Glow from Charlotte Tilbury and I have to say, it is now my absolute favourite product. It can be worn alone, under foundation, or over foundation. Either way, you glow and look amazing!

You can see the sheen as I sweep it onto my face. It is called Instant Soft Focus and it really does give you that air-brushed look!

Mascara is something I can never be bothered with, but something that makes such a difference. I am going to make time for this step as it really brings out my eyes.

Recently I have been loving using a lip liner. It really does make a difference to your look and means you look that little more put-together.

Finish off your look with some lipstick, something natural to give you an ‘I just woke up like this’ look.

Something else I’ve been doing over the last week is spritzing a little perfume. If you’ve watched my YouTube videos you’ll know I do have a thing for collecting perfume bottles and so I need to start using them up!

What is your makeup routine? Do you make the time or shy away from it all entirely?

I am running a giveaway over on my Instagram account to win everything I have been using here – The Beauty Icons gift set and Scent of a Dream perfume.

Pop over, follow the entry requirements and good luck!!

I was gifted the Charlotte Tilbury products but as always I only feature products I truly love. 

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