Logitech MK470 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Review - What Katy Said

Logitech MK470 wireless keyboard and mouse combo | review

Inside: A review of the Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo. Gifted item.

I don’t know about you but I really struggle with typing on a screen unless it is on my phone. I much prefer to type on a keyboard and have a full-sized screen, rather than the on-screen keyboard taking up half the space.

I had been meaning to invest in a wireless keyboard for a while now but with homeschooling now part of our lives I decided now was the time to get one. Lots of the work set by our schools is based online and rather than have the girls hunched over a tablet, I wanted them to sit upright at the table using a keyboard instead.

Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo

I had heard of Logitech wireless keyboards and so was very excited when we were offered the chance to review the new Logitech MK470 wireless keyboard and mouse set. I must state clearly that only the keyboard works with an iPad but we have been making use of the whole set by connecting it to my laptop in the evenings so I can use a mouse instead of a trackpad.

The mouse and keyboard both use AA batteries and have an 18-month and 36-month battery life respectively, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing power. Both also go into battery-saving sleep mode when not in use so you don’t have to worry whether you’ve turned them off or not.

How to pair Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse?

The MK470 set comes with a tiny receiver that slots into your USB port. I wondered whether we’d need to download software on an app to get started but they connected instantly. Simple as that.

Now, obviously iPads don’t have USB ports, neither do newer MacBooks so you would need a USB to lightning adapter cable. With this adapter, you instantly transform an iPad into a screen with a keyboard – perfect for doing longer forms of work that really aren’t suitable for screen typing.

When you aren’t using the set, the receiver sits snuggly inside the mouse, keeping it safe until you need it again.

Final thoughts

I like that both the keyboard and the mouse have been designed to work as quietly as possible. There is nothing worse than hearing the clickety-clack of someone else’s keys. The mouse is also sleek and ambidextrous – perfect for us as we have both lefties and righties in our family.

If you are looking for a wireless keyboard with mouse to convert an iPad or simply to create a neater looking desk area, I can definitely recommend this combo.

I was gifted this item in return for this feature. All words and thoughts are my own.

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