Life Lately #6 - What Katy Said

Life Lately #6

It is 4.48am and I’ve just been in to resettle Wills, he is teething again and has woken quite a few times in the night. Top tooth this time bless him, it is going to change his whole face! Anyway, it is about a million degrees and the fan is just churning out warm air so I just can’t sleep – figured I might as well do something useful instead.

June already- how did that happen? I tell you how it happened – hair dye! I swear it is things like dental appointments, ballet lessons and other things that happen regularly that make each week fly but especially my need to dye my hair. It doesn’t seem a minute that I had it done but those old lady whites are shining through again- drives me mad!

So yesterday the funniest thing happened – my blog was listed as a finalist in the BiBs blogging awards. I can’t quite get my head around it as I hadn’t even thrown my hat in the ring. I’ve canvassed for votes in the past and I have reached the finals for the MADs before, but this time I got there with no effort on my part at all. So if you nominated me then thank you – it really means a lot! Results will be announced in September so wish me luck! If you’d like to vote then this is the page you’ll need (I am in the family section in point 12).

The last few weeks my blog has taken a bit of a back seat really, the warm weather has meant we’ve been getting out and about more and over half term we went away to Holland. I have so many photos to sort through I am just a bit overwhelmed – not entirely sure when I am going to catch up to be honest. I need a week of no children to look after really – particularly a teething baby!

Oh my goodness I tell you what is big news- Wills is crawling! He was only born last week wasn’t he?! Yesterday he pulled himself up to stand too, honestly time needs to slow down as I can’t cope! I am already feeling like I need another baby although my head knows that it’ll never make the other 3 babies again or slow time down. Plus we really just don’t have the room sadly – I need to win the lottery and then it would be ok!

Have you subscribed to me on YouTube yet? If not you may have missed my new series. I am basically letting you into my home, sharing the actual bombsite that is my life and then showing you how I clear it all. I’ve done my living/diner, my kitchen and my bedroom so far and am loving it. It is so therapeutic and of course the end result is fab too! If you want to have a snoop then pop on over.

I’m trying to think of anything else that’s happened this month. Mostly we’ve been away lots as I kept forgetting to write things in my diary and didn’t space things out very well. The end result is that we are all a bit knackered and need a rest. No chance of that though as it seems the majority of the children in Gracie’s class have birthdays at this time of year, which means parties galore!!

It is still boiling hot, I think I’m going to get up and do a bit of tidying before they all wake up! I remembered late last night that I have a friend coming over this morning and there is holiday washing everywhere!

I hope you’ve had a good month!

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