Life Lately #4 - What Katy Said

Life Lately #4

I’m writing this just before bed, it is the only time I have to sit and properly organise my thoughts these days it seems. The house is quiet, besides the odd snuffle from Wills in the room next door, and I am completely exhausted.

Today has been one of those days that leaves you needing to take yourself off into a darkened room for a lie down. A day that saw the house get completely wrecked by the children- despite one being at school all day and the other being immobile at 7 months old. How can just one little three year old cause so much destruction?

All the mess has been getting me down the last couple of days and to the point I said to a couple of friends that I was either going to have to walk out never to return or cry! In fact I did neither and have decided that I am going to do something about it all.

A couple of years ago I Konmari’d the house and it was amazing. The problem is, I have let the junk creep back in again without even realising. So, starting this week I’ve been on a mission to free myself from the junk. I am going to film the whole process (and have already filmed the first one) so I am accountable to you – that way you can help keep me on track!

We have so much stuff that it is just making life miserable for everyone. Me because I have to look at it and the kids because I nag them to tidy it up all the time. Less stuff = less mess. Or that is my thinking anyway!

Something that really made me realise how much stuff we have is going away last weekend to The Lake District.the lake  The lodge we stayed in obviously didn’t have any of our stuff in it but we managed fine and the kids used their imaginations and actually played with each other the whole weekend. It was so nice and made me see that all of our junk is getting in the way of our life! Does that make sense?

I loved having them home for the holidays and getting away as a family, but my goodness I have so many children – not sure I fully appreciate that fact during term time! Three is bloody hard work sometimes haha. They are back now of course so normality can resume, although that is just as stressful with all the school runs. At least it keeps me fit eh? I definitely need to get in some sort of exercise as my goodness I have been eating my weight in chocolate the last few weeks! I have no will power at all when it comes to eating junk it seems, I need to get myself under control!

Right I need to get to sleep, another busy day tomorrow and I suspect I won’t get a full night sleep.

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    Natalie Redman
    April 21, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    Oh bless you! You have gorgeous children 🙂

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