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Life Lately #3

I’m currently lying on my bed, having been banished from downstairs by the girls and Mr F so they can make me something for Mothers Day. They’ve been down there for about an hour and I have just managed to put Wills down to bed, so I thought I would write my March Life Lately post. I think these are one of my favourite posts to write actually, the words always flow so naturally like I am having a chat and a catch up with you. It has been a funny old month, one of deadlines and stress mixed with really lovely chilled family time.

I turned 33 at the beginning of the month (I actually wrote 30 then – clearly have no idea how old I am!) and so far I am loving my new age. I decided at the beginning of the year that this year would be my year and I am doing pretty well at pushing myself to make that happen. I am loving clothes again, wearing things that up until now I might deem a bit too daring, things that might draw attention to me, but I don’t care anymore. Saying that, my most favourite thing to wear at the moment are my Joni jeans – not so daring but I just love them.

Work-wise I had a really amazing opportunity to write for BabyCentre this month, sharing our weaning journey so far. We did 4 posts with 4 videos in total and I loved it! It isn’t the same as creating content for your own blog, making you push yourself to be that extra bit more polished. I was so nervous the first week but by the end I felt so much more at ease with writing for someone else.

I also write for BritMums every month, sharing a round up of all things Mums & Tots, so that is another opportunity to write outside of my own blog and comfort zone. I work really well under pressure and would love it if one day I could write for a magazine – not that I know what I would write about but it would be so much fun!

Life at home has been a mixed bag, mainly due to the work deadlines making me a little tense. I have been a bit of a grouch on more than one occasion, wishing the days away so I could just crawl back into bed. Thankfully with a little bit of rearranging and admitting that I wasn’t coping so well, I am now back to feeling on top of everything and a much happier bunny. I think you just need to admit defeat sometimes don’t you? The only way is up and all that jazz…

I am loving the lighter evenings now aren’t you? The sun is just setting as I write this although I am actually freezing cold. I cannot wait for the warmth to arrive and for the sun to stick around for more than a day at a time – it just keeps teasing at the moment doesn’t it? I have visions of sitting outside with a cocktail in my hand and a book in the other – that is my aim for the summer! I need to sort out the patio first though as we don’t actually have any furniture for me to sit on right now! I have seen a couple of sets I like though so I just need to pick one and I can relax while the kids play in the garden.

They are growing so quickly now, I actually can’t believe it. I was watching Gracie the other day and I suddenly saw how tall she has grown. She will be 6 in September, six!!! And then there is Lils, who has also shot up like a beanpole this week – I swear she has grown at least an inch since yesterday! Don’t even get me started on Wills – wasn’t he just born last week? It boggles my mind that I have been a mama for 6 years now, that around this time 6 years ago I was seeing my little baby girl on the screen for the very first time. I never knew how much my life would change.

It is funny actually because our lives haven’t changed so much with having children, we were always ‘stay home and watch tv’ people, you know? But in terms of fulfilment I don’t think we could have ever comprehended how much a child can change you. I am such a better person for being a mum. I was laughing with a friend the other day as she has just become a mum and was asking what it was with people suddenly thinking they can talk to you when you have a baby. I said I didn’t know but laughed and said the more children you have the friendlier you become too! Ha!

I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent there!

We are going away tomorrow, for a couple of days, to Center Parcs and I am so so excited. I haven’t been for years and Mr F has never been at all so it is going to be so much fun showing him around. We are hiring bikes, which is what I am most looking forward to I think. Although actually I am just looking forward to the break and spending time together with no real life to get in the way. I should be packing right now instead of writing this actually – whoops!

That is it for this month I reckon, a lot of waffling and not much of an update but there you have it! I’ll try and be a bit more concise next month!

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