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K’nex Architecture, K’nex Build and Kid K’nex – fun for all the family.

Inside: a review of the various K’nex sets available for ages 3 onwards. Featuring Press samples.

K’nex has been around for years and is a favourite with anyone who loves to build and create structures. My husband and I grew up with it and both loved building as per instructions as well as creating our own designs using our imagination.

K’nex is still going strong all these years later and has evolved as a brand to include sets for younger kids as well as more complex sets for those that enjoy a challenge.

We were sent a selection from the different ranges to see how each of my kids got on with them.

Kid K’nex – Zoo Friends

The original K’nex is just that little bit too fiddly for little hands, so they have a chunkier version for 2-5 year olds in the form of Kid K’nex. William is 4 years old and had loads of fun building something independently.

All of the pieces are bright and colourful and are instantly attractive to inquisitive minds.

The 10 in 1 Build set comes with plenty to keep them busy!

And each piece is big and sturdy, perfect for little hands to manipulate and play with.

There are no instructions, instead they provide a colourful poster with easy to copy pictures for them to get their inspiration from.

Here is a little video of William putting together one of the zoo animals.

Kid K’nex Zoo Friends is available from Argos for £20.

K’nex – 10 in 1 Building Set

Moving onto the Core K’nex range and we have K’nex 10 in 1 Build set for kids aged 5+. Lily is 6 and loves using her imagination to build things so this was right up her street.

It comes with 130 pieces so plenty to keep them busy. Lots of the examples given are vehicles but there are other things like animals to make too.

I love the way K’nex lays out its instructions. There is a clear set of pieces required for each piece, a final image to aim for and a step by step for the trickier parts.

I love that movement is part of many of the structures – teaching engineering skills early on.

Lily built a helicopter using the instructions but then went on to make up her own ideas. She sat for hours creating & having fun. A big hit here!

The K’nex – 10 in 1 Building Set is available from Argos for £10.

K’nex Architecture – The London Eye

The Architecture sets are new to the K’nex range and they are absolutely amazing! Each set comes with historical information about the structure too, which is a lovely way to introduce kids to important landmarks around the world.

We were sent The London Eye, suitable for kids aged 9+ . Grace is 9 and I would say it really is the earliest age to give it to. It is quite fiddly in parts and she had to call on her dad for help.

As with the K’nex Build range, it comes with instructions – each page detailing the pieces needed to construct each element.

The base is the first piece to be made and she was able to do this herself, snapping the rods to the connectors to create the shapes laid out in the instructions.

Because the structures are so big (The London Eye measures over 2 feet wide!), K’nex have made the pieces much smaller than the original K’nex. That way, you can create amazing structures without taking over the whole living room!

With the base made, the wheel was the final piece to be put together. This was fiddly for her to do alone and so daddy came to the rescue!

Isn’t it amazing? The flexibility of the rods mean you can create anything you set your mind to!

The best bit about The London Eye is that it moves! A motor is included in the box (batteries not included) and it gently turns some little wheels to push the big wheel around.

Just clip the wheel in place and you are ready to go!

The K’nex Architecture London Eye is available at John Lewis and would make a great gift for anyone who loves making impressive structures. I have my eye on the Eiffel Tower next!

Do you have any K’nex at home? Which range would you like to try out?

We were given press samples for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and words are my own.

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