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Kids Style: Autumn winter collection from F&F at Tesco

Inside: Looking at the autumn winter collection from F&F at Tesco

I feel like I sort through the kids’ clothes every 5 minutes. They grow like weeds and of course the change in seasons means they never get to wear anything longer than a few months anyway.

I am very much a high street shopper and my favourite place to shop is in the supermarkets. Tesco have had their F&F range for years now and everything is always amazing quality and bang on trend.

The F&F team sent the kids some gorgeous clothes and sent us to London Zoo to test out the range. Everything is so lovely and honestly, I wish it all came in my size!

Our morning started off with a nice stroll through Regent’s Park, which currently has green fountains – something a bit different for autumn!

I have never been to London zoo and so didn’t know where it was and how pretty the surrounding area is. Regent’s Park is gorgeous, such a lovely green space within the city.

We arrived at the zoo, checked the map and decided that the reptile house would be our first stop. I felt like we had stepped back in time as all of the buildings are so old – some are even grade 2 listed now – such a historical site!

I adore Lil’s denim dress – it has the frills that are so very in right now. She pretty much only ever wears dresses and this is now one of her favourites. She loves that it has poppers instead of buttons, allowing her to dress and undress herself independently.

Miss Fashionista here is wearing a cute owl jumper and the coolest sparkly leather look jeans- her face, when she caught herself in the mirror, was a picture!

Next up was the walkthrough with the gorillas. London zoo has so many walk-through experiences, more than I have ever seen anywhere else.

Obviously you can’t get close to the gorillas due to safety reasons but you could see the babies playing happily in the open space.

There are several live shows throughout the day and we managed to catch the penguin talk – their penguin enclosure is the largest in the UK and it really is lovely.

Next up was another walkthrough, this time with butterlies. So many beautiful colours and variations.

Look at this Atlas moth – it was bigger than my face! They only live a couple of weeks and don’t have mouths – just living off the energy they gained while a caterpillar.

Just fascinating!

I want Lil’s coat! It is so very in right now – I need one in my life! Gracie’s is also very in, with the grey and pink combination.

Can’t leave Wills out, he is also rocking a fluffy hood and the cutest hat that brings out the blue of his eyes.

One of the highlights of the day was in the lion enclosure. The zookeepers brought out a ‘poorly lion’ and showed how they treat it in the wild. Half of the audience thought it was real at first and of course, all of the children were mesmerised. Such a great idea to get people involved in the moment.

The real lions were very interested in all of the commotion and peeked round the corner to see what we were all looking at.

A quick stop off at the kids play area for the kids, always their favourite part of the day!

Must just show you his shoes – aren’t they cute?

Now my favourite part of the day was the spider walkthrough experience.

Isn’t she beautiful? I was a little worried that they may drop down on us at any moment but thankfully they stayed on their webs. I am not a huge fan of spiders but I just found these fascinating.

As a treat for being so well behaved all day I got the girls these headbands and tails. We saw something similar when we stayed on a safari in The Netherlands and regretted not buying them then. So now I have my own little lioness and giraffe.

If you’ve never been to London zoo before, you should definitely put it on your to-do list. And if you want to see what else F&F have in store this season then head over to the Tesco Direct website or your nearest store.

This post is written in collaboration with F&F at Tesco. All words and thoughts are my own. 


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