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Inspiring Creativity with Kid K’NEX

As you know, I am currently on a mission to declutter our house – this includes the toys and I am being ruthless. The criteria for keeping toys is that they must spark joy and imagination – so many have not met that criteria and have been shipped off to the charity shop.

A toy that has made the cut is their new Kid K’NEX – the girls will sit for ages making different creatures and other weird and wonderful things. I like to have toys that fall into different educational categories and K’NEX is such a fab construction toy. The children in my class always loved playing with it too and the new sets are great.

The first is the Budding Builders tub, which has lots of different rods, connectors, and blocks that can be turned into weird and wonderful creatures, vehicles and more! It comes with instructions that are so easy to copy – meaning they can play independently.

Such lovely chunky pieces, not too fiddly for little fingers. They are suitable for age 3+ but as long as your child is past the ‘eat everything in sight’ stage then they would be fine too.

Next up is the Zoomin’ Rides kit, full of lots of great pieces to make various vehicles. The girls especially liked this one as they loved popping on the wheels to race them down the hallway.

They are bright, colourful and definitely inspire creativity – they also help in other areas such as fine motor development, hand-eye coordination and dexterity! They are a big hit with the girls and my baby boy will love them when he’s bigger, so they are more than welcome to stay in our playroom for years to come!

Have you seen the new sets yet? Did you have K’NEX as a child?

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